Comment from: Fred 55-64 Male Caregiver Published: March 12

My wife has gbm and had 8 wafers implanted 2 months ago. She is now having severe bouts of paranoia and delusion. Cant say for sure if caused by the wafers but she had tumor removal surgery, radiation and chemo in the three months prior without these symptons.

Comment from: Allison's Army 35-44 Male Caregiver Published: December 30

My wife had this terrible disease and was only given 1-2yrs at the max. She was in remission for 4yrs. I am not sure if it was these wafers or if it was a combination of it with radiation but I do know that we had time together as a family that we cherished because the extra time spent was incredible. I would have to say that these wafers were definitely a part of that extra time. Good luck and god bless. Elvin


Medical Editor: John P. Cunha, DO, FACOEP

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