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Comment from: Liz45-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: October 03

I'm sorry to write a review without trying it. I am researching it because of multiple issues in my late 40s that have doctors baffled. Eventually the doctors started acting like I was faking so I had to start looking for something that works. First, I learned that there are elder care doctors and found one of those. Now I'm researching what I can and running it by him and he's patient with me. That's the most important thing. He doesn't have to agree with me, just tell me what he knows (not just repeat fda info, I can read that myself. Anyway, what I've learned so far is, that it's a relative of cocaine, made in the lab, so, it's an amphetamine. It's unclear whether the pills are legal as long as they're not sold as Gerovital, or if all forms of Procaine are "drugs" according to the FDA. I realize now that I'm on an amphetamine already, for weight loss, so I may be getting some benefits from it already. But I can't tease out the differences between the various "caine" medications, Novocaine, procaine, cocaine, etc, and the sodium channel blockers. Technically benzocaine would also be part of this list, and so would lidocaine. But there seems to be a difference. People say procaine helps them sleep, which is wierd for an amphetamine. But we also know for a fact that elderly people react differently to drugs than people below age, idk, 70. So maybe the tests on this drug need to be repeated for people who are over 70 and then the fda will finally accept it, seeing as how everyone in that age group I've ever talked to says it works. And others say it doesn't. From my own experience I can tell you that the diet drug also stopped a lot of my awareness of physical pain. So therefore I am able to exercise more because I'm not all achy and "don't feel like it." I'd guess that this is the real benefit of the procaine. If you *feel like* exercising, you are more likely to, leading to better health.

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