Comment from: Zolar145-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: August 01

I use Humalog as a 'correction' medication. Basically this means when my blood sugars are higher than usual, I bolus the dosage to bring levels back down. My first time using it was last night when my 2 hour postprandial blood sugars jumped to 279. Within an hour after taking a shot, I dropped to 78. An hour and a half after that I was at 74. I am EXTREMELY impressed as to how good this works for me. Only needed 3 units too. Don't care for the 12mm needle. Will try the 8mm needle next time I am higher than usual. I am hoping that between my diet and exercise, coupled with the Humalog, I can get even better blood sugars. My last A1c about a week ago was 5.3, and that was with several spikes into the 200+ range, using diet and exercise alone. My goal is under 5.0 (4% club). With this medication, I can vary my diet so it's not so boring, and not be forced to vigorously exercise as much to bring down blood sugars. I am wondering something though: Will I gain weight? Lose weight? Or maintain my weight when using any form of insulin? Don't get me wrong. I am not opposed to 'paying the piper' (AKA exercising) after I eat. I have a lot of trouble fitting the needed time in to do it, and an even harder time getting back down to normal after a 200+ spike, using diet and exercise. I generally have no trouble lowering my BS if I am 160-180 range, or less. My fasting blood sugars are usually perfectly normal. I can see some semblance of a life now that I have this medication. I won't do pills for my diabetes treatment as my blood sugars are usually well controlled. Seems heat & humidity (or a nap after eating) spikes me highly. I really hope & pray that the endo will continue letting me have this medication. I like it better than Humulin R which is slower. Maybe get Humulin R for long digesting carbs like Dreamfields, and Humalog for the 'eat-N-go' carbs. I'm not one to want meds of any kind, but this one really works for me!

Comment from: 55-64on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: March 01

Have been taking two insulins (Lantus) and Humalog now for three years. The Humalog is with meals and the dosage depends on what my blood sugar reading is before I take it. At diagnosis, my A1C was 13.2 and now is 6.0. Both insulins have been a life saver for me. I've been using the pen form and it is so easy to use.

Comment from: campbaker65-71on Treatment for 5-10 years Published: March 01

i have been a diabetic since 1969 when i was 32. this insulin replaced R insulin for me, it is wonderful in its speed, i am a chef, my life is centered around my meter & my shots & keeping myself balanced. my a1c reading last was a 5.6 was a testimonial to what i have written. i try to follow my diet,people can't understand when i spit out what i taste, like a sommelier,for me the taste is the important thing. that to achieve that, is what, i exist for.I mix my humalog with NPH for long lasting control. i take 2 or3 shots a day,depends on my self control.take the shotsit is nothingtoo be afraid of, as some people are.

Comment from: Duke65-71on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: April 22

Eyes! It's the eyes! Metformin blinded me--distorted view, severe photophobia. Glipizide did the same, with the addition of angina. Dropped those for a couple months. Eyes still not so good, but better than with Metformin or Glipizide. Now Humalog, 1 unit, under 200,0r 2 units over 200, with meals. One week later I'm having a hard time even reading this enlarged print. Safe dariving speed on open highway is 40mph or less. Eyes can't respond to light changes, everything in sunlight all washed out, sky white. These drugs lowered my blood sugar but this is one hell of a high price to pay for it. I keep looking on the net for reference to these eye problems and can't find anything except "blurry vision" once in awhile. Before these drugs, with my high blood sugar, I could see, with corrected lenses, perfectly. Had trifocals, and don't like those, but they worked. Now, they're useless and I have to use 2X reading glasses to read anything. TV pictures dim, without detail unless I'm right up on the screen. What the heck is this all about? Am I the only person having this kind of trouble. No help from doctors. Opthalmologists just want to laser my eyes or inject experimental drugs. What a way to go....

Comment from: tj55-64on Treatment for 10+ years Published: August 31

Humalog is a very good drug to control high blood sugar when used correctly.In my case, I rely on it to counteract overeating sweets, a mistake on my part.

Comment from: John2932545-54on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: January 18

Found out late in life that I was a diabetic, started out with Metformin and then quickly moved to pen form insulin. I hated having to do the four times a day shots along with six times a day finger pricks. My doctor suggested I think about using an insulin pump. I went to the required classes for the pump and got it. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I use about 200 units of humalog every other day. The average hourly dose is around 2.65 units. All I have to keep up with now is watching what I eat, and about twice a day finger sticks.

Comment from: Cindy35-44on Treatment for 10+ years Published: April 15

I have been a type 1 diabetic for 25 yrs. I take Humalog at every meal and then Lantus at bedtime. I do have great results as long as I'm not sick, stressed, the weather doesn't change....ect. Humalog works great when everything in your life is working great to.

Comment from: Penny Leavitt45-54on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: November 30

I use Humalog with Lantus. The Lantus pretty much controls my blood sugars, but I do use the Humalog about once a day. I've been very satisfied with the results.

Comment from: Dave45-54on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: December 29

I've been on insulin only for a few months now. I take 25 units of Lantus once a day and Humalog, as needed. Lantus works, but Humalog is a waste of money and effort. Ten units of Humalog lowers the sugar by 10 points. I've been taking as much as 30-40 units with dinner alone over a 2-3 hours span, and still having a hard time keeping it under 200. What I would like to know if anybody knows the danger of overdosing on Humalog? Are there any negative effects on the other organs? Clearly, it does not do me any good using Humalog. I just wish my doctor would see that and stop insisting on it. Perhaps I should change the doctors.

Comment from: ?65-71on Treatment for 10+ years Published: September 28

Humalog worked well for about a year but it is not working as well now.

Comment from: greatgramj75 or overon Treatment for 10+ years Published: September 04

was told lantus would be one shot a day and it is if i use 3 shots a day with humalog. feel like a human pin cushion. also take metformin twice a day. seems like a lot of medicine and my average tests show around 156.

Comment from: artsgal65-71on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: February 21

I have a hard time with the dialing parts of the pen. It jams up on me sometimes. I like my lantus pen better. Easier to use.

Comment from: burnsy197335-44on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: April 23

Comment from: Todd45-54 Published: February 09

Get sick from Humalog. Within a day start to feel sick to stomach then two days start having headaches. Old insulins (beef/pork) worked so much better too. Apedra works much better than Humalog but it is not "formulary". Now with new insurer (Blue Cross MN) they require a two week review before I can get the med. What? Two weeks before a pharmacy can give a diabetic insulin. Really?

Comment from: Christen25-34on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: February 17

Have been type one since for 21 years, a pumper since 2010 with Novalog. Got laid off in 2011 and had to have bad insurance assistance that only covered Humalog. I had blurred vision after every bolus with normal BS for hours, nauseated, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, hard to breathe, fatigued, huge raw rash all over my shoulders, lost hair in huge amounts, thought I had cancer. Was not as effective as Novalog so I went into DKA twice in 3 months. Got good insurance so got my Novalog back. Will never take Humalog again.

Comment from: Grammy6465-71on Treatment for 10+ years Published: August 28

I've noticed that the bladder used in the Humalog vial is very thick. I have bent several needles trying to insert them into the vial. Can't find an answer anywhere. Hope someone has an answer for me.

Comment from: none45-54on Treatment for 10+ years Published: December 22

I have been type 1 since 1969, I was 5. Insulin has come a long way. I like humalog but it works too fast, I am a registered nurse and if I take it at work and something happens like a code for example, I hit the floor if I can't eat within a few minutes of injecting. I prefer the plain old R over the Humalog only for this reason. My last A1c was 5.7.

Comment from: 65-71on Treatment for 10+ years Published: September 28

For about a year this med worked well -- now it is not working -- i have increased the dosage with not very good results.

Comment from: 65-71 Published: March 24

Humalog KwikPern 200 unit insulin products have been defective for years and continue being defective. Since too much or too little fast-acting Insulin can cause death, this is a very serious matter; this is over and above the huge financial loss incurred by unsuspecting patients at your retail price of over $1,000 per two pens. Over several years, at least half of the dispensed medications have been defective and results in too little or too much insulin injected into me. The gearing mechanism in those devices that converts the Manufacturer Lilly's phone line connects hapless patients to a labyrinth of submenus of byzantine complexity that it is useless, possibly by design.

Comment from: gma75 or overon Treatment for 1-6 months Published: May 11

The Humalog pen is really hard to use for people with arthritis in their hands. The button is difficult to push enough to get the right amount. I have bruised myself trying to push it enough to get the correct dose. It doesn't click for the units, so you have to take the pen out, only to discover, it didn't deliver it all, so you have to repeat to get the correct dosage.

Comment from: 45-54on Treatment for 10+ years Published: June 17

I have reson to believe that Humalog insulin is being created to work less effectively than other types of "R" insulin. The amount of insulin that is required to drop my insulin 100 pts in blood glucose is nearly 10. I think there's a game being played by the manufacturer ...


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Comment from: TinaLewis13-18on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: April 26

The pen sticks making it short and causes highs. My daughter's numbers are suffering and has been hospitalized. My insurance is forcing us to use this and not what works for my child.

Comment from: biggun4765-71on Treatment for 5-10 years Published: February 04

This has worked very good for me. I use it in a pump and can get 3 days without a change. I was on pills and then went to the pens. When they didn't do the job i went with a lower strength insulin with the pump. Now I use the U500 and it works great. If you can when you start injecting insulin with a syringe get the pump if you can.

Comment from: tom75 or overon Treatment for 1-6 months Published: November 20

wondering if there are any side effects to users?

Comment from: josh183200025-34on Treatment for 10+ years Published: January 08

Comment from: thylawyer65-71on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: December 18

I test my blood sugar before or after eating, and before bed. I often eat very little after breakfast until suppertime. I take Humalog only. I was taking Lantus, but it was not going to be covered by my Part D and I could not afford it on my own. I did not notice any difference in my glucose or my A1c.

Comment from: trarpx55-64 Published: August 22

sometimes can't ever inject enough even though eating habits haven't changed from when I don't use nearly as much.

Comment from: jen35-44on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: March 04

I am finding that my sugar levels have dropped greatly. I couldn't keep them under 200 and now my average is 120s. this has been a life saver for me.

Comment from: JD35-44on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: October 04

Humalog works far better than my previous R insulin because it works more quickly. With R, I would inject just before a meal but would get post parandial highs that gave me a headache. It took 2.5 to 3 hours for R to start working. With Humalog, onset almost always cooincides with digestion so I get a better experience. I also end up with far fewer episodes of low blood sugar on Humalog than with R. My A1C has been in the low 6's since I started with Humalog where they had been in the low 7's with R.

Comment from: karaboutya225-34on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: June 16

It works too fast at times like another person said before and sometimes i'm then treating a low!! but overall if taken at the right time it works awesome!!

Comment from: roke65-71on Treatment for 5-10 years Published: April 17

My humalog seems to get weaker, the last 2/3 of the bottle seem weak,,humalog 75/25

Comment from: 45-54on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: January 07

Comment from: davidecox5255-64on Treatment for 5-10 years Published: October 31

Hsving gotten on a sliding scale has been beneficial.

Comment from: 45-54on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: July 21


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