Comment from: 65-71 Published: September 24

Usually accompanies head sweating--

Comment from: steaminpeach35-44 Published: May 20

Comment from: 19-24 Published: May 05

Whenever there is a change in temperature. It can be a slight temp change to going from a cold temp to a warm temp. The sweating is profuse and lasts for fifteen minutes or so.

Comment from: patcatpaws65-71 Published: April 26

As soon as I feel too warm, my forehead starts to sweat until it drips down my face.

Comment from: LILeo45-54 Published: April 22

When I work out or am in any warm environment my face, head and neck sweat. Can't take a mid-day walk at work because I come back too hot and sweaty, even on cook days.

Comment from: dreamsicle45-54 Published: April 20

When I start sweating sweat runs down my face and neck, I am constantly using a cool wash cloth on my face and neck.


Medical Editor: John P. Cunha, DO, FACOEP

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