Comment from: Tuto 35-44 Male 6 months to less than 1 year Patient Published: May 26

This medication has been somewhat effective cocktail with other 3 medications

Comment from: normg420 55-64 Male Patient Published: October 26

to expensive

Comment from: Chi14u2 35-44 Male less than 1 month Caregiver Published: July 12

Dr. Jenny Lee from Northwestern Medical Physicians Group prescribed this medication to me and after taking the medication for a week developed severe neuropathy in both my hands and feet. When contacted about this was basically advised to live with the pain of neuropathy - Now you will know what it really feels like. Was advised to stay on the dose and not ask questions. Needless to say was self removed from the medications after reading up on the side effects and the pharmacist. Have also severed the patient / physician relationship over her continued negative attitude. I told her that it appeared that she cares more about her 2 children than her patients. Needless to say her STAFF could never relay a correct message either.

Comment from: RAINFALLS2000 45-54 Male less than 1 month Patient Published: December 30


Comment from: wolf 45-54 Male 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: June 17

in combo with emtricitabine, ritonavir, tenofovir, cells up, load undetectable, some sweats and temp. withdrawal sympts. an hour after ingestion, as I am addicted to opioid analgesics, some alimentary dicomfort, but digests and assimilates well otherwise.


Medical Editor: John P. Cunha, DO, FACOEP

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