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Comment from: 13-18 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: August 13

I've been on Loestrin 24 for a while and have had no negative side effects at all! I didn't have any breakthrouh bleeding and my period is super light now! My cup sized increased from a 34B to a 34C in the first 2 weeks on the pill (yay!) and I haven't had ANY of the PMS symptoms I used to. I was one of those girls that missed at least one day of school a month because of cramps, but I've never felt better! My sex drive is still as good as ever too! Don't let negative reviews on here scare you, everyone reacts differently!

Comment from: 25-34 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: June 20

I'm on my 3rd month on Loestrin 24 Fe. The first month was a pain because it felt like my period was just a slow, constant trickle. By the 2nd pack, this stopped and everything has been fine. No terrible mood swings, no spotting, no more nausea but definitely a slightly decreased appetite. No weight gain or anything. What boggles my mind about a lot of the reviews I've been reading is that people openly admit to not following instructions on the usage of the pill, then blaming the medication for problems. Also, some reviewers have noted side effects and the first thing they tell you about BC is that age increases the likelihood of certain symptoms. My belief is that this is the LOWEST effective dose of hormone, so it's really easy to get a reaction from improper/inconsistent usage. I encourage people to at least try it for the 3-4 months suggested for ANY new BC pill. And also check for other factors in your life and be more cognizant of how/when you take the pill. And yes, I do understand this pill will/does not work for everyone.

Comment from: kr43086, 25-34 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: March 25

I feel obligated to post my experience bc of all the scary thing posted here. remember people who have good experiences are not typically the ones who are posting these things, so don't get scared reading all this stuff! its good to know about side effects but honestly I think most people will not have a bad experience with this. I started two months ago and for the first 2 weeks did feel crampy, so tired, bloated, moody, etc. it felt like an extended period of pms and I had breakthrough bleeding two weeks in. but after that all of those symptoms subsided. overall yes I did gain like 2 pounds I think but who even knows if that's related to this pill. also sex drive was killed at the beginning but after 2 or 3 weeks was totally back to normal. if you can stick out the first 2 weeks it will be ok!

Comment from: 19-24 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: November 17

I am writing for those who are in the first months, and are having bad side effects. Give it some time, and don't be scared off by the negative reviews (they may not apply to you!). Remember: people typically don't marvel and write good reviews when a med works as it should! I was very moody my first month, and my bleeding didn't regulate itself like it should have (daily breakthrough bleeding and spotting, not having my period on the placebo pills) until the end of the third pack. Don't just quit on a medication so soon into it: it has mostly worked for me (I'll explain below). I am stable mood-wise, I sleep better than I have in years, my acne is practically non-existent, and PMS is dramatically reduced when it is time for my period. I am now having a little bit of breakthrough bleeding and fatigue (end of 4th month), but my nurse told me it has nothing to do with the medication's effectiveness. I'm going to give it one more month to even out, because I have been feeling great on this pill.

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Comment from: 35-44 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: December 24

i have been on this birth control for 3 months now and have only had one period. it's very pricey, $53, to be exact. Plus, I'm freaking out every month that may be pregnant, so I also buy pregnancy tests. My husband and I already have an 11 month old and a 3 year old and we have decided that we are definitely done having children. So basically, I'm a little nervous every month that I don't have a period. Other than all that, I have no cramps, no heavy bleeding, no acne, no weight gain, but possibly some slight moodiness.

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Comment from: JayeBeri, 19-24 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: October 17

Ok so before I got this BC I had never had any other pills. I have had the patch since I was 16 (I'm22 now) and I tried the Mirena (which I had to get surgically removed...it was horrible). So I've been on Loestrin for almost a month now and besides the extra spotting after my period I LOVE IT! I read so many bad reviews about it before I tried it but I took a chance and hopped out there. I really love it. I have had no side effects. Nothing has changed at all...and I have had very bad acne but my face is cool. Actually I'm acne free but I can't blame it on the BC. But to sum it up DON'T FEED INTO ALL OF THE BAD REVEIWS ABOUT THIS DRUG because most people only right reveiws when its bad. Try it for yourself and you could love it like me. ANd this is coming from a woman who has every side effect from every medicine in the WORLD (that I've tried). TRY LOESTRIN 24 FE!

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Comment from: 25-34 on Treatment for 2-5 years (Patient) Published: June 26

I like this birth control because it had less side affects than other BCPs (no weight gain, no nausea). The only drawback is that most months I do not have a period, which makes me nervous and wonder if I am pregnant. The first few months I actually bought pregnancy tests but the dr. assured me this is a normal (and nice) side effect of this pill.

Comment from: holly, 19-24 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: August 23

This pill has been awful for me. I've been on it for a little over three months and have experienced spotting, weight gain, acne, headaches and mood swings. The mood swings are pretty intense and I find myself crying heavily for a few hours for absolutely no reason at all. I'm often on the verge of tears. I've always been a very happy person so this has been pretty hard for me. I plan to switch as soon as possible.

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Comment from: kisses08, 19-24 on Treatment for 2-5 years (Patient) Published: November 22

I've been on the pill for 2 years, and the only problem is I never get my period, ever. I'm not pregnant but it really freaked me out the first few months that I was taking it.

Comment from: 25-34 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: March 19

I was scared to start birth control pills due to all the horrible reviews online. I have been on Loestrin 24 FE for two weeks and haven't experienced much negative yet. I have had strange dreams the last 3 nights but I haven't gained any weight nor had any extreme mood swings. My boobs are a little bigger which I love! Try it out and have a positive attitude (in other words...don't LOOK for problems after you read these reviews). I am a moody person anyways so I was worried about this aspect - but I have been very cheerful the last two weeks. I hope everything remains copasetic - good luck to everyone!

Comment from: bamcbride, 19-24 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: October 08

This is the only BC pill I've ever taken that hasn't made me feel nauseated. I love it! There were no side effects at all for me.

Comment from: 19-24 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: October 14

After reading all of these posts I got very scared when my doctor switched me to Loestrin 24 FE. However I have been taking it for 4 months and I have had zero problems. My periods are short & light (which is awesome) and there has ben no weight gain, break outs, or mood changes! These reviews are nice but every single person reacts to things differently, your body is not the same as anyone else. If your doctor is thinking about switching you, give it a try...you can always change to something else. But like I said I have had zero problems with Loestrin 24 FE.

Comment from: Ms Kim, 35-44 on Treatment for 6 months - 1 year (Patient) Published: April 16

I have been on Loestrin 24 for about seven months, and my experience has been outstanding. I was having very heavy painful periods, along with severe mood swings and PMS symptoms. I thank my doctor for this "miracle" I feel like a new woman.

Comment from: JJ, 25-34 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: February 20

I was on this birth control for 6 months and switched because of how expensive it was. The first few months took some adjustment as I had breakthrough bleeding and nausea. After the first 2 months, I stopped having periods altogether which should be great, but it did make me nervous. Before taking the pill, my mood swings were very predicable, almost scheduled, and expected. On the pill I (and my husband) noticed mood swings. I also had (painful!) gross acne, bloating in my lower abdomen, and weight gain even though my diet and exercise were the same. I also experienced fatigue and a decrease in what was once a healthy sex drive. I realize many of these symptoms could be unrelated, but they all occured at the same time I began taking this pill. I admit it was really nice to not have periods or cramps, but because of the cost and symptoms, I decided to swich.

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Comment from: 25-34 on Treatment for 6 months - 1 year (Patient) Published: November 02

I have been taking Loestrin 24 since October, so for 6 months, and I don't like the fact that my periods have completely stopped after December. This may be good for some people but it makes me worry that I am pregnant. I have taken 2 different pregnancy tests to keep checking. Why have my periods stopped? I have not had a period of any sort since December. Has this happened to anyone else.

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Comment from: 19-24 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: May 24

I'm only on my second pack of Loestrin 24, and this is only my 2nd time being on birth control (I was on Sprintec for about 6 months two years ago). With Sprintec, I experienced no side effects. During my first pack of Loestrin 24, I experienced spotting for a week and a half, starting the second week. I had a very short, light period. After beginning my second pack, I began spotting again during the second week and am still spotting now, halfway through the third week. It's extremely frustrating to feel like I'm on my period for half of an entire month. Not to mention that I'm getting married next month and am terrified that I'll be spotting for my wedding night and honeymoon. Other side effects have been minimal to mild, but the perpetual spotting is an enormous downside for me.

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Comment from: anger, 25-34 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: May 25

loestrin is the worst birth control pills you can ever take ive been on my period for 2months now i think that these pills needs to be of the market it has all the symptoms from depression to going off the wall i advice all women do not take these pills

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Comment from: 35-44 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: February 10

my periods have been irregular and sometimes very heavy so my dr prescribed this. I read all about it online before I decided to take it, but I decided not to get scared off and try it as I really did want to regulate my period and if they could be shorter6 and lighter, well who wouldn't want that. I took the pill for 10 days. That's right, 10 days and I stopped it two days ago. After 6 days I got my period and instead of it starting heavy and getting lighter, there seems to be NO end in sight. I've been bleeding heavily for 7 days.....and there is no sign that it's even getting lighter. Aside from that, the cramping is unlike anything I have ever experienced and I'm 36 years old. I decided to stop taking it because this pill clearly isn't going to help me in the way I had hoped. The cramps are totally unbearable. I"m living in my bed with lots of motrin just to make the pain tolerable. I have also noticed some crazy dreams and a major increase in appetite. More power to u ladies who stick it out longer than me, but this isn't for me. I hope the pain and bleeding stop sometime soon.

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Comment from: angelmarjorie, 25-34 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: January 03

I was very nervous to take this pill because I formally had a bad experience with Yaz (hair loss, etc). Anyway, I've been on Loestrin for about 4-5 months (lost track) and so far I am quite pleased. I haven't experienced spotting or random headaches or any crazy side affects. If anything, the pill has been a blessing. I have minimal acne (also taking Spirolactone) and no periods. When my period does come its VERY light and last for about a day...it's more like a little bit of discharge. I appreciate this because prior to taking this pill, my periods were VERY heavy and exhausting. I do feel a little more emotional (I've noticed myself crying more frequently since being on this pill) but I try to keep it under control and in perspective. I am also very active and healthy, so this may play into my more positive experience with this medication. I take the pill at the same time every day, and follow directions almost perfectly. My boobs have become more firm and a little bit bigger...but I don't think it's a full cup size...they just look nicer. Finally, I have actually lost weight since being on this pill and have not experienced any problems with weight gain...even though I have been exercising less since it's winter time. If you're looking for a low-hormonal pill, I recommend this brand. Just keep in mind that everyone is different!

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Comment from: Heather M, 13-18 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: January 28

It's been two months, and I've gotten no period. I got scared, of course, spent big money on pregnancy tests. Called doctor and she said this was normal.. Definitely don't like having to worry.

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Comment from: 25-34 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: May 12

I am about to start my 3rd pack and I so far I am not happy with this pill. I'm not prego but me and my partner use condoms still. During my first pack, I bled/spotted just about the whole month. During my second pack, the spotting stopped but I started my period when I still had 6 white pills left to take! I am on taking the iron pills right now and I'm still on my period and it has gotten heavier! I bled through a super plus tampon in 1 1/2 hours this morning. I've been on my period for 7 days now! I also getting cramps which is somthing I never really had to deal with in the past. As for the acne, I've had issues with it before the pill and haven't noticed an increase in it. Haven't really noticed any weight gain either. I did called my doctor a few times about this pill and all the bleeding issues and she keeps saying that I need to give it time (like 4 to 6 months) for my body to get used to it. So....that's what I'm going to do I guess. I'm hoping that things will get better with the 3rd pack!

Comment from: 25-34 on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: May 04

Loestrin 24 is definitly the best form of birth control out there! I have been taking it non stop for the last 6 years and i've never had a single problem while taking it. I always take it at the same time every single day and if by chance i miss a day, my periods were never longer. This pill allows me to have shorter, lighter periods than what i used to have. This pill has also allowed me to not get pregnant. I had a little bit of acne before i started taking the pill and it definitly cleared it up for me. About weight gain, i never gained a pound except in my breasts. If anything, the pill actually allowed me to lose weight. The ONLY negative thing i have to say about loestrin 24 is that it tends to be a little pricey but if you have insurance, it's definitly the best pill out there! I will never switch from this pill! Very satisfied!

Comment from: dannigirl, 25-34 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: February 22

I have tried NuvaRing and OrthoEvra. My husband said the ring was very uncomfortable for him and the patch made me very moody. i was hesitant to use the pill because i hated the thought of having to remember everyday to take the thing. but because i felt so psychotic while on the patch i was desperate to try anything different. so far its my 3rd month and my cycle has been very light (2days) and the mood swings have disappeared completely. and my husband definitely helps with reminding me if it happens to come up. but that seems to be the least of my worries. no weight gain and no mood swings and no babies. so far so good.

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Comment from: ucsbchick, 19-24 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: September 22


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Comment from: Dragonflygirlcc, 25-34 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: October 18

I've never had such bad break-through bleeding as I have with this drug. I took it both for birth control and lighter periods...not to have a constant period for 2 months!


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