Comment from: NightWolf 65-74 Transgender 10 years or more Caregiver Published: August 09

I have used Lunesta for over 10 years and I have found two types, those that work and those that don't or work very poorly. They are easy to identify. The ones that work poorly or not at all are the color of very faded jeans. The ones that work well are the color of new unwashed jeans OR an orangy/tan with M on one side and EZ/3 on the other. If you need more than one quit them. The others can be cut in half and work just fine if you are not too stressed then just take one whole one.

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Comment from: Edave 55-64 Transgender 10 years or more Caregiver Published: May 26

It almost works, can get a good 4-5 hours of sleep. Have been taking over 10 years. The max dosage available is too low.

Comment from: Franc 55-64 Transgender less than 1 month Caregiver Published: May 22

I suffer from insomnia and was given a prescription for this medication by my psychiatrist (I also suffer from depression) The first night I took lunesta it didn't work at all but the following day I felt like I was "high" all day and unable to function. The following night I tried again and it didn't work. I was ok the next day as though I hadn't taken anything. I continued for 9 days...only to find out I was having trouble my head wasn't functioning properly. I couldn't think of the word I wanted to say. I don't know if it was my doctors fault for putting me on this drug knowing I had a mood disorder or this was a side effect not mentioned. Beware people

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Comment from: Old Night Wolf 65-74 Transgender 10 years or more Caregiver Published: April 24

I've used Lunesta for well over a decade. There are several manufacturers of Lunesta, SOME DO NOT WORK, OTHERS DO. Dark blue is a good sign (K 85 marks on pill). LIGHT BLUE - DON'T WORK (L 35 0n pill). There is a beige variety with an M on it but I don't remember the number, it works fine. There are others of different efficacy. For me the ones that work may take up to 20 or 30 minutes at worst, if I'm stressed. But I stay asleep. I've had 3 different Light Blue varieties, over many years, that were all useless.

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Comment from: SatsifiedCustomer27 55-64 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: March 15

This sleeping medication seems to be working so far. Had close to 7 hours and I have extreme insomnia where I only sleep 4 hours at a time. I had that bad taste in the mouth that everyone has been talking about. I solved the taste problem by taking a mini marshmellow(also tried with big marshmellow and broke into a little piece) and put the pill inside of it and molded it around it(a little water helps it get sticky). Voila! No more bad taste.

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Comment from: 55-64 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: December 27

chronic insomnia long term, years of trazadone, tried lunesta, still no full night of sleep, awake most nights between 3-4 am, can't get back to sleep, and do i sweat all night and most next day

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Comment from: LilMa1 25-34 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: December 23

I am Bipolar and was afraid to try Lunesta. I had not been sleeping after coming off of Clonazapam & having my condition. Lunesta is wonderful! I woke up feeling refreshed and dramatically better after full night's sleep!I give it an "A+" rating!

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Comment from: Unicorn Believer 55-64 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: July 21

Suffering from chronic insomnia for 20 years. Tried Trazodone, Doxepin, Melatonin and over the counter sleep aid..etc with no luck. Finally tried generic Lunesta this week, and Oh My Gosh! I sleep like a baby when I take it! For me, it's a miracle medicine.

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Comment from: 35-44 Male less than 1 month Patient Published: April 23

Only take Lunesta if you never want to get an erection again. It is next to impossible. Wet noodle. Just horrible. All erection problems went away within three days after I stopped taking this pill. I have had three other guy friends that confided the exact same problem. Just horrible.

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Comment from: Sampausa 45-54 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: February 10

I only took Lunesta 3 days; it works great, had a full night of sleep. Hated the taste but it's ok. I have to warn, if you have depression Do Not Take Lunesta". After about 3 days feeling almost like committing suicide; I read at this site, the side effects of Lunesta and it mentions worsen depression, etc...I take 30mg of Cymbalta everyday for depression, but was felling just perfect before I started Lunesta. It brought the worst feeling of depression.

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Comment from: KH 45-54 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: January 05

I cut pull in half, sometimes thirds, because full pill turns me into a useless zombie following day. I take 15 minutes before laying down, gets me to sleep and only wake 2-3 times during sleep, mainly to readjust position. Dream well. However, I canâ??t get myself out of bed for about 10-12 hours, I experience severe vertigo for 1-2 hours accompanied by 4-5 hours of dopiness, and experience a near total loss of any motivation to get anything done. Lunes ya is NOT to be compared to Ambien, as Ambien has none of these earful side effects. Sadly, the existence of Lunesta and price-gouging of Ambien in the US has prevented insurance coverage for Ambien and purchase of Ambien for the millions of us without insurance. Lunesta is not a safe drug, for hours after waking up I am still unable to drive without being under the influence. FDA should take this drug off the US market. In the meantime, it would be much safer, sadly, to live with chronic insomnia.

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Comment from: Helena1973 45-54 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: December 15

I was given Lunesta last mth after I had several yrs of addiction with Ambien. i have bipolar disorder and substance abuse which i've been sober from for 8 mths now so sleep is precarious at best. I've tried numerous other meds and now i just take clonidine, trazadone, and lunesta to sleep and this combo works great! The Lunesta allows my brain to quiet down the static in the attic so that I can feel the calm within a half hour of taking it. Then i magically feel sleeppy and even a little buzz similar to the way a small dose of Lorazepam feels. I am so thankful to my doctor for understanding my condition and giving me this magic little blue pill at nite and as far as the bad taste, i like it as an indication that the dose is ready to begin working. It even helps the trazadone work better.

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Comment from: JShiff 19-24 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: December 09

I was prescribed Lunesta after boughts of insomnia for the past 3 years. In originally was on Trazodone with gave me a hangover effect after I was prescribed a SSRI for bipolar disorder. Lunesta had absolutely no effect on me. I was prescribed the 2mg dose. I had to quit taking it because there wasnâ??t any effect on my insomnia. It may work for most people, but not for me.

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Comment from: 35-44 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: September 02

Lunesta is great for helping me fall asleep but I wake up every night between 1-2 am after taking it between 8'9 am. I cannot get a full 7-8 hrs of sleep. I do have the bad taste in my mouth, but a mint does the trick.

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Comment from: 35-44 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: May 07

It doesn’t help me sleep and I can’t get past the taste of what poison must taste like days after taking it. I’m a water fanatic and I can’t drink any for at least two days! Nope, not for me.


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Comment from: joshuadavid1121 25-34 Male less than 1 month Patient Published: April 16

Well so far I haven't had any adverse side effects but i have only been taking it for a very very short time. Ambien worked great but I was told its not a long term drug so my Dr tried giving me Belsomra which the insurance company denied, due to cost i assume. They approved the generic lunesta but this also seems to say that its a short term fix, just like the ambien so maybe i will just go back to the ambien if this doesn't work any better then that did.

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Comment from: Tiredmama2018 19-24 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: March 13

It made drinks like water and milk taste funny but my Dr pepper tasted normal otherthen that it started working QUICK and I stayed asleep all night I haven't been up willingly at 630 since 2013 for school. It is nice to get a good nights sleep

Comment from: 75 or over Female 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: March 10

Unfortunately I lost my hair and now have bald spots.

Comment from: 55-64 Female 10 years or more Patient Published: February 18

Did nothing except left an awful taste in my mouth. Way into the need day. Very ineffective. Keep looking. Bypass this one.


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