Comment from: Arron 25-34 Female 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: June 27

Clears scalp if Psoriasis completely in just a few days and it's not messy at all. This is the only truly effective treatment I have come across. There is now a generic version that works just as good for a reasonable cost.

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Comment from: 55-64 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: May 15

Easy to use. No smell. Experienced an 85% relief of symptoms on first use. Much of the itching/burning/pain has been allievated. I will continue to use is as needed.

Comment from: 35-44 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: July 28

I had a topical skin rash on my face. Was given a sample of Luxiq and my face has never been so clear in my life. It looks amazing. Better than before I had the rash.

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Comment from: Debbie 55-64 Female Caregiver Published: June 11

This medicine treats but does not cure. I was able to afford it for my daughter at $40.00 because I had insurance. Now I can't because it is to expensive costing $200.00. I would welcome a home remedy.

Comment from: lizc 7-12 Male 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: December 28

This is a miracle product! It works within a day or two. My son had large yellow crusty sticky flakes on his skalp which pulled his hair out as I tried to remove the flakes. Within a day or two of use, all of it disappeared. The only problem is getting it. My local CVS said they could no longer get it. I will be desperate without it. My son was allergic to the sulfa shampoo the pediatrician first tried, which resulted in hives etc, and his need to take a shot and Benadryl for 10 days! This product works great and I will pay anything. Even after you cover your head with it, as soon as it drys there is no trace of it. There is no oily or greasy residue. His hair lloks perfect.

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Comment from: itchy gal 25-34 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: September 25

I've bee using Luxiq for more than two months now - and it's totally changed my life! I'm down to using it just five times each week - so one can lasts more than a month. Psoriasis is 90% gone and itch is 100% gone. I can enjoy my life now and not have to worry about itching and flaking. This stuff is amazing. Expensive! But amazing.

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Comment from: itchy gal 25-34 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: July 18

After months of flaking, itching and picking, I went to the doctor's today - and was diagnosed with psoriasis of the scalp. Got a prescription for Luxiq, and applied it right away. Super easy (not gunky as expected). Once it's dry you can't even tell that I slathered this foam in my hair. Best of all - after a slight burning sensation that lasted 5min... I am finally itch free! - and it worked instantly. Even my Neutrogena T-Gel therapeutic shampoo couldn't do that. It's such a relief!!! I've had Luxiq for all of 6 hours and it's already changed my life.

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Comment from: Diana 45-54 Female 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: June 12

I had/have psoriasis on my scalp and other areas. Used this twice a day and in one week it had entirely cleared up. I use it once a week for preventative care. You can get this product free if you register on it's site. LOVE it!! LIFE changing for me! I stopped losing my hair!

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Comment from: Carol 65-74 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: January 09

I have been losing my hair and noticed that several raised bumps appeared on my head. I started using luxiq and they are much smaller and in some places have almost disappeared.

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Comment from: Female Caregiver Published: April 26

works graet

Comment from: Missy 25-34 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: December 28

I had scalp problems more than a year burning,itching,spots of hair loss. I used Luxiq for couple of days and I notice my scalp clear up less itching. I highly recommend this product. Its very expensive to purchase it's worth it.

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Comment from: yoko 65-74 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: November 25

did not work at all.

Comment from: Sue 55-64 Female 6 months to less than 1 year Patient Published: August 23

I have psoriasis and i have outbreaks all over including the scalp so I use it everywhere. I love this stuff, you can see a remarkable difference within 24 hours, I love the way it makes my skin feel, just wonderful. i just wish it came in larger containers, i would love to slather in it, it's great!!!

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Comment from: [email protected] 65-74 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: June 08

I have used this medication be fore in two weeks I could see some changes , my started to grow back.

Comment from: mscher 55-64 Male less than 1 month Patient Published: May 31

I have a bad case of psoriasis in my scalp that had me scratching, picking and generally very uncomfortable. Luxiq, so far, has cleared up my condition dramatically! I hope I can maintain this.

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Comment from: tmt 45-54 Male 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: March 03

Have occassional outbreaks of scaly patches on scalp, limited to areas of less than 1/2 an inch. I use the foam and typically the conditions have improved in 2-3 days. There is some slight redness in the area after application. I don't use the product continuously. I haven't experienced the burning in the application area.

Comment from: MFLMBRT1985 19-24 Female 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: December 17

This medication is very expensive (even with great insurance coverage) but is the only thing that gets rid of my eczema, and it does it quickly. Worth the price.

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Comment from: Female Caregiver Published: August 26

Luxiq clears my scalp after 1-2 days of usage. It is awesome!

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