Comment from: sadbylysteda, 45-54 on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: March 11

my 44 year old sister is in the neuro ICU from a massive stroke taking this medication. She will never be the same. Ask your Doctor about the increased stroke risk with this medication. She will never be the same. She will not speak again. She has no use of her right side of her body.

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Comment from: Va LOVE, 25-34 on Treatment for 1-2 years (Patient) Published: June 30

I had heavy periods most of my adult life. Large clots, cramps, frequent cycle...THE WORST! I saw a commercial for Lysteda and asked my doctor about it since I wanted to avoid surgery at all cost. It worked great for about 9 months...I had the headaches, back pains, dry mouth ect but it reduced my flow by 50%. Well after the 9th month, the large clots returned and my period got longer ( from 5 days to 10 days) and instead of my 2nd and 3rd days being my worst days, I only had one heavy day on day 4 or 5 where I would bleed so bad that I thought it was a miscarriage. Well after using this drug for over a year, I woke up one morning and COULD NOT MOVE! I had a Charlie horse that would not go away and back pain out of this world! I went to the ER where they said I had sciatica (back pain where the pain also shoots down one or both legs). After being treated for a very slight herniated disk and sciatica my pain would always get worst during and after my period. Although I told both my neuro and my GYN about my theory about this drug they both did said that they didn't know if it was the cause but it was unlikely. Tired, exhausted and frustrustrated I was faced with two choices...stop taking this drug and go back to being a slave to my period or get a partial hysto. I opted for the partial-hysto and WAHHLAHH no more back pain, no more leg pain, no more periods! Please be careful...I know there is not a lot of research out there on LYSteda but I decided to post this as a warning.

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Comment from: laura, 45-54 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: July 01

Due to fibroids, I have had 2 days a month of debilitating heavy bleeding. My Dr always wanted me to do the Mirena IUD, but I was not interested so just suffered, cancelled plans and/or called into work on these days. Two weeks ago my Dr prescribed Lysteda and I used it the last 2 days and it is a God send. I was able to go to work, I actually even did the treadmill. It decreased my bleeding by about 80%. I had absolutely no side effects from the med. (I was scared to death to take a new medicine, but I'm now glad I gave it a try, it is truly life-changing.) I wanted to comment on this medicine, because reading the other positive reviews is what helped me make up my mind to give Lysteda a shot)

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Comment from: lrw, 35-44 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: November 28

Trying to be thorough for those who are wondering about this drug- hope this isn’t TMI!! I am 35, have 2 kids, and have tried some of the hormonal BC pills, rings, etc… but they have all had adverse effects on me, so I wont use them anymore. Normally my periods are 7 full days of bleeding. Days 2-4 I usually wore heavy/overnight pads & super size tampon that I had to change almost every hour around the clock, or I would risk bleeding through everything in sight. My period this month was due when I was on vacation (of course!), so it showed up the moment we got to our destination. Using Lysteda, I was able to enjoy myself- swimming, sports activities, sleeping comfortably- w/o being paranoid about where the nearest bathroom was and w/o wondering if I was going to feel a mortifying gush of blood at any moments notice. It does not stop bleeding all together, but I would say I had a 50% or more decrease. I used probably 1/4 the number of tampons & pads I usually would. Taking the pills was not a problem, and after day 5, when you stop taking them, my period just abruptly ended. I had no noticeable side effects. I am interested to see if my period will get even more tolerable as I continue taking the pills. Worth a try in my opinion if your period incapacitates you every month like mine did!

Comment from: 35-44 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: March 30

I can not say enough good things about Lysteda - it has changed my life! I've been taking it during my period forthe past 5 months and it has significantly lessenedmy blood flow. Before Lysteda, I honestly was homebound the week I had my period. On some days I would go thru a super plus tampon every 20 minutes & could not sleep the night because of all the leaking. Now, w/Lysteda my flow is back to normal & I can actually stand upright & get back to physical activity. I just completed a half-marathon & I had my period on race day but after taking Lysteda. The amount of menstrual flow was not an issue. This medication was absolutely life changing for me. I do get the headache side affects but nothing some ibuprofen can't take care of - definitely ask your doctor about this medication before considering any type of surgery to stop the heavy menstrual bleeding!

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Comment from: NANCESMILE, 35-44 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: November 22

I am 38 years old and I have fibrods, endometriosis, ovarian cyst and anmeia. My blood clots and flow were extremely heavy during the 2-3 days of my period. I would use the largest pads on the market with depends underpants during the night due to the accidents and 3 trips to the bathroom. My Doctor gave me lysteda and it worked immediately. The 2nd cycle was better and the 3rd cycle and on was great! It is such a relief and comfort to have a normal life. THANK YOU!!!

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Comment from: 45-54 (Patient) Published: June 18

I've had 4 separate surgeries for fibroids (2 myomectomies, 2 hysteroscopies) and they all stopped the seriously heavy bleeding for a while--but the fibroids have continued to recur. I've been on Lysteda for 2 months, and the results are amazing. It seemed like that I'd need a hysterectomy, and now that won't be the case. Bleeding has been reduced by at least 80%, no side effects at all. I feel like I've regained 5 days of my life each month. Cost with insurance is $50/month, but that's less than what I used to spend in tampons, etc.--well worth it. A miracle drug for me.

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Comment from: Trixie, on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: April 10

I am 45 years old with fibroids. I have had heavy cycles for the past 11 years. Day 2-3 is hard for me to leave my house due to the heavy bleeding. I have tried Lysteda 650mg. 3x a day for three days. During that time frame it worked well. My cycle was not as heavy. I was able to go out with my family and not worry about having to change my pad every time I felt a gush. Within one week of taking this I started to have blood in my urine (this past Sunday). I called my regular doctor and he is running a urine test as of now. I started thinking what I did this past month that is different. Then I thought of Lystida and looked up the side effects of this drug. Blood in the urine is a side effect. I will update my results when I find out more information. As of now I will not take this medication. This is very scary!

Comment from: LystedaWorks, 35-44 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: July 27

I have used Lysteda for one month and I am very pleased with the results. While it did not shorten my period, it made it much more manageable and eliminated the clots. I had to push my doctor to prescribe as she was unfamiliar. It is a great alternative to birth control with hormones and for those with other gynecological issues (fibroids, cysts). I had absolutely no side effects.

Comment from: mel1974mp, 35-44 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: June 19

I am 37 years old and have been diagnosed with Hypotyhroid disorder and severe anemia since I was about 26. I have had heavy periods with large clots and pain so severe it stopped my normal life when I was on my period. My clots were the worst on day 2 and 3 with Lysteda they are almost non existent. I have had this condition for over 10 years and after taking this medication the first day I felt a difference it worked great my flow is at least 50% less and I no longer have to take pain pills to get through a work day or end up in my bed all weekend not wanting to even move. This drug is a miracle to me

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Comment from: veggirl70, 35-44 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: May 01

I have had severe excessive bleeding due to uterine fibroids since getting my first period at age 12. Which I thought was normal. As years passed my periods became heavier with each year especially after I stopped taking birth control. I had D & C in 2004 and took lodine in hopes that would shrink the lil suckers. I was left with major side effects. Now at age 40 I'm thrilled to be taking non hormonal treatment that actually works after only one dose, 2 pills 3 times per day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as my insurance company is not being very cooperative, cheap meanies, and I may have to pay out of pocket. Oh and I have not experienced any side effects....yet.

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Comment from: Neennyc, 35-44 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: March 22

Lysteda has saved my life. I have had very heavy bleeding in the past year due to adenomyosis. I hemorrhaged and needed and D and C in July '10. My doctor said my body is like a time bomb and could do anything at any moment after a very heavy month in November passing large heavy clots for 3 days straight. In December my doctor suggested I try Lysteda as a last resort before a hysterectomy. It worked! I went from all day and night bleeding for at least 3 days to now having just a first day of regular bleeding, no night bleeding and spotting for most of the cycle. I do occasionally pass a large clot, but then it immediately stops. I was veer anemic when I started and now my iron levels after 4 months are in the normal range for the first time in 10 years. I have had some stomach cramping but I'll take it with the decrease in bleeding. It's also a lot to try to time it right for all pills 3x a day, but in the end I feel like Lysteda is too good to be true and hope it works for everyone else like it has for me.

Comment from: louann, 45-54 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: September 02

Very effective in reducing the amount of bleeding and clots! It's a lot of pills to take--but for only 5 days. It's a little expensive and if I have to take it until after menopause--I might consider the hysterectomy that my doc recommends for Andomyosis instead of taking this med for the duration. But it DOES work--very little side effects--seem to be a little fatigued (nothing compared to how my periods used to wipe me out)

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Comment from: sabdmoore, 35-44 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: July 16

I have very heavy menstrual cycles on days 2 and 3. Day 2 is the absolute worst ... I can bleed heavily for 4-5 hours straight. I have ended up in the ER twice for lightheadness and shortness of breath. At the beginning of the year, I tried the Depo Provera shot. It helped but it caused weight gain, hair loss, and prolonged spotting. So I did not do another one of those shots. I had the D&C surgery which ended up being expensive and a waste of time. I had to ask my OB-GYN about this medication because I saw the leaflet in the waiting room. He acted as though he did not want prescribe it. He said the only thing that would help me is a hysterectomy. I plan to have one, but not this year so in the meantime I love taking Lysteda because it makes me feel like I have a normal period. I have definitely recommended it to others I know with the same problem. My periods do not interfere with my life anymore.

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Comment from: none, 45-54 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: May 11

I have had periods since I have been 21 and have been getting worse and worse throughtout the years. I have tried every herb and vitamin there is, I have had multiple d and c's and only came back worse after the surgery. Well, I can only thank one person for this medicine and that is My father God and My Lord Jesus. I believe that he put the wisdom and knowledge in some wonderful person thoughts to make this medicine. Whoever you are out there that developed this medicine....its wonderful and i can finally have some freedom in my life when i have my periods. thanks

Comment from: Wish it worked, 45-54 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: November 05

45 and diagnoses with a thicker than usual endometrium. No cancer and one small fibroid. Cycles are disgustingly heavy and always restrict my activity. Palm sized clots are a 'normal' monthly occurrence. Lysteda drastically reduced my periods but not without side effects. Month 1 I took the full 5 days and was very happy with the light period. I only used 5 supers on days 2/3 as opposed to a full box of super+! I wore liners on days 4 & 5! Side effects were fatigue, migraine level headaches, muscle pain, congestion, random sneezing, dizziness, sensitivity to light and insomnia. Month 2 and again a lighter than usual period but I stopped taking the med after day 3. Debilitating migraine, diarrhea, nausea, horrible cramps, severe congestion, continual sneezing, itchy skin and nose, fatigue, extreme drowsiness, swollen glands in the neck, very cold hands and feet and hip pain. All symptoms went away within 8 hours after stopping the med so no, I did not have the flu! I think I'll opt for one of the procedures.

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Comment from: seekingasolution, 35-44 on Treatment for 2-5 years (Patient) Published: February 16

I am a 43 year old African American female and I have taken this medication since August 2011. Immediately upon use of this medication i saw results. The heavy bleeding was greatly reduced. I have several fibroids, more than i can count, but i primarily have 3 large ones. One the size of an orange, another a lemon and another a golf ball. At any rate, after using the drug for two months, i noticed that I because sensitive to Tide Washing powder. I stopped using Tide powder, and started using the liquid. Things appeared great until now. Currently, I am super sensitive to everything. Tide, powder or liquid. I'm even sensitive to free and clear washing detergents and fabric softners. In addition, I can't eat any food that contains oil of any kind: soybean, vegetable, corn, safflower, sunflower and the list goes on. If I consume anything with oil or ware clothes washed in the over the counter detergents, I immediately start itching severely and break out into hives. After consulting with my doctor, she informed me that one of the side-effects of Lysteda is hypersensitivity. So far now, I am giving up on it and seeking another solution.

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Comment from: Heather28677, 35-44 on Treatment for 6 months - 1 year (Patient) Published: January 20

I am only 36 but after having my twins 7 years ago I have suffered with periods so heavy I feel like I need to wear a diaper just to get through the day! Since I have been taking Lysteda it's like a whole new world. I don't feel like I have to run to change every 15 minutes. Thank You!!!

Comment from: Daja, 35-44 on Treatment for 6 months - 1 year (Patient) Published: June 17

I have been taking Lysteda for 9 months and it's truly a miracle. I have 3 large uterine fibroids, one the size of an orange, 1 a lemon and the other smaller. At any rate, I have been told by at least 6 to 7 physicians that my best bet is to just have a hysterectomy. Well after years of just prolonging my decision, I have discovered this medicine and it has significantly changed my life. I used to have to wear tampons and pads simultaneously, and I had to change at least 45 min to an hour, now, I can actually go nearly 3 hrs without worrying that I am going to have an accident. This is truly a blessing. I'm very satisfied.

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Comment from: PHYLLIS, 45-54 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: August 06


Comment from: cbrjenn, 35-44 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: January 13

i am 42 years old with debilitating periods for the last 3 years. some of which have actually landed me in the emergency room. first 2 days i would wear overnight super ads and suer tampons changing every 20min or so, sometimes not even leaving the bathroom. i had no insurance so i just suffered. i finally got insurance and visited a new doctor and immediately prescribed lysteda. please let me tell you this is the first month ive used it and i wore regular pads and no tampons and my life is changed. this product is a gift and would recommend to anyone that suffers

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Comment from: 35-44 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: January 11

I took Lysteda for the first time this month. So far I'm extremely happy with it. Had cramping but no more than usual. What was unusual was I felt a contraction type feeling the 3rd morning after I took the Lysteda that lasted about a 1/2 hour. The contraction feeling was not painful, just freaky. No other unusual side effects noted at this time. The number of days on cycle were as usual. My flow was reduced by 50% or more. I was not tied to a bathroom like I usually am on days 2-5! I messed up on the dosage the first day and only took one 650mg tablet in the morning and afternoon. Taking only one had reduced it some (like 20%) but not as much as it did once I got my actual prescription and noticed I needed to take two 650mg tablets, three times a day. My doctor prescribed it correctly, I had forgotten how many she said. It seemed like it would be a lot to remember taking the meds at first, but if someone has a vested interest such as I, you don't forget...believe me! I did start the meds on day 2 and stopped at bedtime on day 5, my doctor says however I should start taking them on day 1. I am not a big fan of taking medication for anything, but I recommend Lysteda because it was very freeing. I will try to remember to post updates after continued usage, especially if I develop side-effects. I've found the reviews of others very helpful to me. Note for medical professionals: A strange occurance that may be linked to the contraction type feeling on morning 3. I had two ultra sounds. One about a week after my last period ended and one two days after this past period ended (lysteda usage) and the technician told me my uterus was significantly smaller in size. Not sure if that has anything to do with the Lysteda, but it may be noteworthy. If not disregard.

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Comment from: Gwen, 35-44 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: August 20

Within 2 days I only had to use a pantyliner. No pads and no pain!! There was some stomach problems at first,, but went away in a day.

Comment from: dpie44, 45-54 (Patient) Published: December 31

WOW....after literally 30 years of horrendously painful and heavy periods, I finally have my life back!! I am on day two of Lysteda and guess what?...The last two days have been perfectly normal days! It has not been interrupted by my period at all. Before Lysteda I was homebound for the first three days of my cycle as I would have to be near a bathroom every 15 minutes. I can't beleive how much a difference Lysteda has made. I thought it would be hard to take 2 pills 3x's a day, but when it works this good, I definetely will not have a problem remembering. If you are reading these reviews to decide whether to try this or not, DO IT!! It could very well change your life too! :-)

Comment from: 35-44 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: September 30

I am 43, and have three children. After having my third child, my periods were so heavy that they interfered with work and daily activities. My doctor checked for abnormalities, which was negative. We then tried a D&C, which did nothing. Ablation was suggested. I am not completely comfortable with the idea of that procedure. After trying Lysteda, I am thrilled! It cut the volume of blood, and the cycle time in half. I only took one pill three times a day instead of two times a day. Two pills would have probably stopped my period altogether, which I am not comfortable doing. If you find the suggested dose too strong, consult your pharmacist about taking a half dose. This product has changed my life for the better, making an active lifestyle during my period much more manageable.


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