Comment from: woundedNaction, 19-24 Female on Treatment for 1-2 years (Patient) Published: August 20

In 2008 my convoy was struck by an IED and I took shrapnel in my right foot and leg. After I got back stateside I said to hell with VA hospital and since I am still under 25 I had this option with my parents insurance. Well after many futile attempts at finding a surgery that would be beneficial my GP made it apparent I'm wasting my time. So meanwhile im taking lortab 10mg x5 a day and for 2yrs I hated life thinking I will never feel close normal and was ready to make my exit with a 45.acp tp my dome. Luckily I have a great GP and told him how I felt about my outlook to never walk right, run, jump etc etc and that the lortab is worthless except for making my stomach hurt and making me feel like a junky piece of sh*t. He said lets try oral morphine sulphate. I took his advice with nothing to lose and that was the best thing that happened to me since. This medication saved my life. It is so much better then anyother pain medication ive ever heard about. It doesn't Fu*k your head up or leave your stomach feeling like you just ate glass. It is clean medication not all these synthetics that have patients hating life. Thank you for reading and godbless..

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Comment from: Mish, 35-44 on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: January 16

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia at 30 yrs old. And it destroyed every aspect of life: my career as a 1st grade teacher, the quality of life in marriage, motherhood, family, and friendships. Pain robbed my emotional strength; life consisted of surviving the day and praying for sleep to escape the pain. Doctor after doctor attempted to dismiss my symptoms, my pain and my anguish; hope faded and compassion was far and few between from those in the medical field. And then I found "The Center for Pain" in Montgomery, Alabama; the doctors believed that my pain was real, respected my needs and extended compassion while creating a treatment plan. I've remained on the same treatment plan/dosage for over five years; my pain is controlled, and with minimal side effects. I actually have more energy with this med; there seems to be a direct correlation between energy and the level of pain. I've never experienced that "loopy, woozy" feeling that's found in short-acting pain medication; allowing me to function in any situation. This medication literally gave me my life back; I highly recommend MS Contin to anyone dealing with chronic pain, regardless of the initial cause.

Comment from: efishel, 35-44 on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: December 03

I am 41 and I suffer from degenerative disk disease. First of all I had to find a Doctor who actually believed that I had pain and wasn't just looking for pain meds. I do understand how Doctors these days need to be careful especially with a medication this strong plus I am a recovering alcoholic/drug addict. I did question myself if I did have real pain or was I just pretending but when I found my WONDERFUL doctor who actually listened and ran some test like an MRI low and behold right where I pointed to on my lower back and right where my pain was it showed up on the MRI at L5 S1 that the disk was actually kinda jagged and so my sciatic nerve gets caught on it. Now I didn't start out on MS Contin I had to go through all the other meds first. I started out with Vicodin 5's, then went up to 7.5's then we switched to Percocet 5's when they stopped working we went up to the 7.5's and when they stopped working we started out on the MS Contin and I 've been on the same dosage and amount for the last 8 years. I take 100mgs 3x a time and for breakthrough pain I have morphine immediate release 30 mgs 1 3x a day or as needed. I haven't had to change anything since. The side effects that I had in the beginning were some tiredness but that is totally gone now it actually gives me energy which really I hate. But I'd rather suffer from to much energy then be in pain. I do suffer from constipation so I use activa and it works AWESOME I just eat 1 a day and it keeps me regular which is great. SO I hope that this information has helped someone.

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Comment from: Tim, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 31

I have chronic leg pain, and fibromyalgia. Currently taking 500 mg of M S Contin a day. Started with a much lower dose, but I have built up a tolerance over the years. Also I take immediate release morphine for breakthrough pain, because the MS only holds for me about 8 hours. This has worked well for about 7 years. The biggest drawback to this type of treatment is that all the health care providers that I come into contact with immediately assume that you are some kind of drug seeking, abusing addict. The prejudice is just unbelievable. The drug works, and has made my life bearable. I don't concern myself with the prejudice. Best of luck if you are in pain. This medication can help you.

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Comment from: Ms. Wetmore, 35-44 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: December 09

I have tried sooo many different types of pain killer's and finally my Dr. tried ms contin 60 mg @ 4 times a day. I feel absolutely no pain 24/7. I just thought I would never be pain free again.

Comment from: missg, 45-54 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: May 18

I've taken just about everything - and currently have a Med-tronic stimulator. I have also had three internal pain pumps - with everything from morphine to delaudid (sp) in them. I have 5 ruptured disks, DDD, fibro, and sciatica pain. I also have considerable arthritis. I was on Norco 10/325 -4txs prn and having pain levels of 7-9. I had been through 10+ years of Pain management and was fed up with it. Shots, pokes, nerve burnings.. and a doctor that would barely give medication. However, I ran into the wonderful world we live in now where everyone is a drug addict, and everyone is seeking pills to gulp, or sell. This is a huge problem that needs an answer... especially for people like us, the silent sufferers. Even with proof, we are being discriminated against. I have been unable to obtain a "regular physician". It may reach a point where we need lawyers to procure doctors. At any rate... Went back to Pain Management and a wonderful doctor heard me, and prescribed ms contin. It is working well, but I itch so badly. I am also so groggy. I don't want to stop taking it because for the first time in over a year my pain level is down from a 7-8 to about a 3-4. I don't like the decrease in energy level however.. Hope it gets better soon. But this stuff works. Thank God for understanding physicians, and folks that write in comments - so that we know we aren't alone... God Bless.

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Comment from: TerryMarie, 55-64 on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: February 01

I have been a chronic pain patient for about 15 yrs. now and my pain gets pretty severe.I used to work and was on my feet 8 hrs. a day until Arachnoiditis of the spine put me on disability for the rest of my life. I was taking 120mgs. of MS Contin twice a day and alot of other meds for my pain. The Morphine was a life saver at first but the more I worked the less effective it became. The two were contradicting one another. The pain in my back, hips,legs and feet were so unbearable I had no other choice but to stop working 7 yrs.ago. So now for the last 5, I have been taking only 60mgs 3x a day along with Norco (5x a day) and am doing yery well on it. Though Im beginning to get a bit immuned to the dose (my Dr. wants to try something stronger for the break through pain med first)I absolutly love my morphine.It most definetly has given me a Quality of Life that I hadn't had for such a long long time and has also made a positve difference in my mental health beause of the pain relief. As far as any side effects, constipation but take a couple of stool softners and your good to go! Morphine may not be the best med for just anyone but for severe chronic pain patients, I highly recommend it.As always take it as prescribed by your Dr. MS Contin is a serious medication, it's nothing to mess around with.

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Published: September 21

Have suffered with chronic pain for over thirty four years as a result of six surgeries to repair disc damage from L-4 to S-1. Pain has increased substantially over the last few years and I was finally prescribed Morphine Sulfate 15mg twice daily. This dosage does absolutely nothing to alleviate my pain. I find it impossible to do anything other than lay around my house. Doctors have been unwilling to increase dosage and act like I'm some kind of drug addict wherever I turn. Simply cannot believe the wall that I've run up against in finding a doctor willing to prescribe medication at a level where it returns just a little of the life I've lost. Not trying to be pain free. Just to reduce it a little and give me some quality of life. Giving up is not an option, but are there no doctors in the world who have or are suffering severe chronic pain and understand some patients actually require serious pain medications?

Comment from: lkj1002, 45-54 on Treatment for 6 months - 1 year (Patient) Published: August 01

Easy to use but a bit to take effect. Dr had me try 15 then 30 then 60 then 100 mgs twice a day. The 100mg worked okay but I experienced a lot of breakthrough pain (cannot even stand for 5 minutes without excruciating pain in mid and low back). By itself it took my pain level from a 10 to a 8 at best. When my dr changed me from 100mg 2x daily to 60mg 3x daily it helped more. Took pain down to 6. But I still need other meds for breakthrough pain. Combined I'm at least able to have a better quality of life though I warn others that suffer as I do and are on strong meds to not overdo it. It's hard to not be able to do all the things I did 15 years ago but I had to learn the hard way if I push myself too hard with house work or playing with my son, I end up spending a couple of days in bed due to aggravating my symptoms, which are many. Pay attention to your body and listen to it when it's telling you to slow down.

Comment from: Kyllein, 55-64 Female on Treatment for 1-2 years (Patient) Published: February 05

When I began having problems with pain management with Oxycontin, my doctor moved me to MScontin (100mg,every 8 hours). The MScontin works well for general management, along with Celebrex (200mg once a day). My level of comfort is more stable now, and there is less of a "counting the minutes till the next dose" situation than previously experienced with the Oxycontin. Be aware that you will probably need a mild stimulant laxative from time to time, and drink plenty of water. Remember, this is a strong opiate and has all the dangers of addiction as well as mental impairment that you read about in the patient's information card you got with your prescription. Be well aware that you probably won't notice any of it if it happens! All in all, the control of the pain from a damaged and arthritic spine and spinal cord are worth the risks and dangers. It allows me to live a relatively normal life; and that is priceless.

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Comment from: 55-64 Female on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: February 07


Comment from: jewelSpirit, 45-54 on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: March 24

i was in a carwreck in 1983, leg broke in 23 places, pelvis too, + ruptured aorta which was fixed by going through my back. left arm always 'pins and needles', whole left side aches, headaches going up from shoulder blades to top of head. as of now i have 3 disintegrated discs in my cervical spine, but no 'hospital' insurance. 5 yrs ago started on 30mg 2xday, then 60 2xday, then 90, now take 60upon awakening, 60 more 8 hours later and 120mg b4 bed so i can sleep through night. usually keeps my pain tolerable, but i am way lazier than i ever was and would sleep all day sometimes if i could. no other real side effects, but i worry about what would happen if i couldn't get to my refill appointment. i have to physically go pick up scrip on the day i run out and then have to take it to pharm and wait....if i can't make it that day, or if i accidentally took an extra during the month and run out early i would get sick as a dog and wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone. i live in fear of losing my local county 'medicaid' and dying from the withdrawal. i'd like to get off opiates but have no idea what else to do...i don't even think straight enough to keep a job anymore, even if i didn't have any physical requirements - use to be a construction accountant (20years). already used up all my retirement savings. now I can only use the computer for less than 30 minutes at a time. i can only hope for a future, i have no guarantee of one.

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Comment from: jbrownleettu, 25-34 Female on Treatment for 6 months - 1 year (Patient) Published: December 01

I suffer from DDD from my lower 3 discs. I have severe lower back pain and nerve pain down my right leg. I have been through multiple pain meds (Norco, Lortab, Methadone, and Vicodin) for the past 8 years. My doctor recently put me on 30mg's 4 times per day of MS Contin. This medication has substantially reduced my back and leg pain. I suffer from constipation and dry mouth. I would highly recommend this medication as opposed to taking 10-12 Norco pills daily.

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Comment from: gilycomo, 35-44 on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: December 09

After suffering with chronic pain due to CFS and Fibromyalgia for several years and seeing multiple doctors who each had a remedy and prescription of their own which usually did little if anything to relieve my pain. I finally found a doctor who understood the impact the pain had on my life and prescribed MS CONTIN 60mg BID. It has been 5 years now and although my pain is not completely gone, it is to a manageable level which allows me to function better than I ever could before going on this drug. I have never experienced any of the woozy feelings that accompany many of the other narcotic pain killers or ever feel "out of it" or drugged. This allows me to interact socially without feeling that I am not coming of as "not sharp" as I did with other drugs. It has truly given me back my life and self confidence. Occasional constipation is the only side effect that I suffer and Mirilax is the best solution for that problem. (tasteless, and does not change the consistency of whatever liquid you chose to mix it in and not gritty. Taken at the first sign of constipation and repeated 2x a day until you get results and then every 2-3 days for maintenance.) I occasionally have breakthrough pain which I keep Percocet 10mg on hand for, but rarely take it. The only other undesirable side effect is occasional rebound headaches which are rare but can be quite intense but usually only last a couple hours. MS CONTIN is the best thing that has happened to me since I became ill. I have no problem admitting it as it has truly improved my quality of life by leaps and bounds!

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Comment from: suzzaq, 55-64 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: February 23

I have Fibromyalgia, and am disabled from it. Taking this med. has allowed me to live a more normal life. I do not spend much time in bed anymore. I have not fallen since I started this med. I had fallen at least 3 times a week before. I am able to do more during the day, regular tasks such as housework, going shopping, gardening, etc.

Comment from: 25-34 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: November 12

I have had chronic pain from numerous back surgeries. This medicine has taken almost all my pain away all day. It was hard the first few days, nauseau, dizzy, etc. But now, I can hardly tell I have taken anything, except no pain!

Comment from: Pain in the Neck!, 35-44 Female on Treatment for 2-5 years (Patient) Published: December 31

Herniations/radiculates to arms, elbow, sometimes down left side of my entire body. rot. cuff arthritis. Neck Herns are c2,3,4, and low back is buldged. I am 35, on meds for over 5 yrs, recently started 30 mg MSCONTIN generic/watson (ENDO's formula SUCKS) After 3-5 yrs on vicodin slowly upped to 10mg x6 day, and then percocet, 10mgs4-6x's. Sometimes I will take a valium for spasms, I am well informed about how to take my meds and mixing with caution. MSContin is a god send for the 4-6 hrs of relief- again, I use generic watson formulation, my DOC insists that the BRAND Oramorph will last 8-12 hrs. To me, I'd rather save hundreds of $ on generic as BRAND is only a 2hr peak absorption rate difference for the same relief. I did try AVINZA- 60mg's for 2 months, it gave me "rolls" and "sweats". Too bad, I had hope. Pain does not mean life is over, give this morphine formula a try, now there are hundreds of othjer formulas, and please don't allow anyone to make you feel like a bad human for taking your medicine, I suffered from anxiety over "med guilt" due to uneducated pharmacies. Finding a PM MD and pharmacy that shows passion changed my world and I hope to give back the love a million times over now that I am under pain control and can get into the sack and go for it (kids, that is).

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Comment from: LYME-SUFFERER, 45-54 on Treatment for 1-2 years (Patient) Published: June 08

I have chronic pain due to having Lyme Disease several times. A doctor had me on Vicodin, which caused me to be addicted. I am now on MS Contin (Morphone ER - extended release). This drug is excellent because it is not short-acting like Vicodin, which means that you do not feel addicted and want to rush to take a pill every 4 hours. I wasn't able to work on Vicodin. I now have a job and am able to work. Vicodin should NOT be used long term. It will cause you to be addicted and make you need to take higher and higher doses. I recommend this for ANYONE going through the hell of Vicodin addiction. Because MS CONTIN is extended release, if you run out of the drug, the withdrawl pain is not as severe. My doc has me on 30MG 2x a day. My only concern is that I need 3 to do my job (which is physical). Seriously, do not use Vicodin for long term pain. MS CONTIN will allow you to work and not feel concerned about having to take a pill every 4 hours!

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Comment from:, 25-34 Female on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: February 07

I have a chronic dislocated shoulder and horrible neck/back pain, so my pain doctor put me on MS Contin and Oxycodone. My body has become dependent on these meds and if I miss a dose, my body goes into a panic attack until I take another narcotic pill. I've tried non-narcotic pain meds, but they are not as effective as narcotic and my dosages have slowly increased over the last five years I've been on these meds. So if you have the option of not taking this, don't. It's easily addictive and your body will need more and more of it over the years.

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Comment from: gibonzz61i5m678, 45-54 Female on Treatment for 1-2 years (Patient) Published: September 25

Had initially started taking mainly hydro/oxy-Schedule#3 based p. meds. As needed for lumbar/cervical pain, (numerous tests,MRI's,disograms,nerve blocks,ect.)until work became impossible in Aug.2000. More MRI's/tests & 1st. operation/laminectomy L4/5&5/S1.Unsuccessful/MRI WORSE, than before. Meds so far taken:demerol,dilaudid,oxycontin,percodan,all forms of hydrocodone,darvon&(darvocet-n100),emp.&acet.#3&4codeine,talwin ect..all used orally, as needed basis, exceptions on certain procedures.Referred to 03 began40mg.methadone daily(chronic by now).By late 03-04,two more surgeries: Anterior&posterior Level-2 Fusion,Lumbar(aforementioned discs)60mg. daily for appx.6yrs. Methadone worked very well for me until March09. Worsening situation in cervical area led eventually to Level#3 Fusion. Needed #4,but no O.Surgeon would touch trying to take 4 herniated discs(spinal stenosis,clusters of bonespurs,ect.)& so for now,I've been on MS Contin 100mg., one every 12hrs. The main reason that I've been so thorough is to let the folks know, who truly are coping with chronic pain(includes ALL of the OTHER PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH IT)that there is hope for a functional,fufilling lifestyle. I know that this particular drug will not work for every thing OR for everyone....but when all is taken into consideration,IF TAKEN AS PRESCRIBED,MS Contin SR IS BY FAR the most effective medication available. (MY OPINION)

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Comment from: Rene13, 55-64 on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: June 29

I was put on MS Contin for chronic pain for 10 years. Last spring I became very ill and couldn't get out of bed. I started to vomit every 15 minutes and had diarrhea almost at the same time. I lost over 50 pounds. I was admitted to the hospital and my kidney's, adrenal glands and heart failed. I found out later that because I never had any blood work done to check the opium levels in my system I had opium(heroin) deposits in my organs. I am now on the mend; after a lengthly hospital stay and hospice care. I was in a coma for four days in hospice while my body was fighting to get off the MS Contin addiction. BEWARE- this drug could kill you; it almost did me.

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Comment from: 28motherof2, 25-34 on Treatment for 6 months - 1 year (Patient) Published: October 14

i spent years trying to find a dr to take me and my pain seriously. after 2 car accidents which left me with 2 compressed disks, one in my neck and one in my upper back, i was tired of drs shuffling me along when they said they could do no more for me. i tried vicodin, norco, lortab, lorcet and percocet and none worked. changing to ms contin was the best thing that has happened to me. i take ms contin 60 mg twice daily, i still have some pain off and on, but i actually have my life back. personally i feel taking one pill twice a day of a stronger formulation is less dangerous than taking 1-2 vicodin every few hours. pain medication becomes habitual, then addicting. if you struggle with pain, and have to take medication many times daily just to 'live' your life, then its no way to just becomes a way to get addicted. i seriously recommend talking to your dr about switching to ms contin and getting away from fast acting pills. in the long run, the ms contin outlasts the other pills, you feel normal, not foggy, high or drugged up and you dont have to take it as often, leaving less room for a road to addiction and more room to live your life.

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Comment from: Neckbone, 45-54 Female on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: January 14

I have suffered from chronic pain since I was injured in Iraq and had a cervical fusion done (C4, 5 and 6). I have been taking MS-CONTIN now for about 6 months, first started with 15 mg twice a day but have quickly progressed up to 60 mg 3 times a day and that is very much doing the trick. For those of you suffering from constipation, my Doc recommended that I take a fiber supplement - I chose Fiber Choice and it works like a charm I also take 7.5 mg oxycodone for breakthrough. Every is going very very well. Good Luck!!

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Comment from: freedomrings, 45-54 Female on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: September 03

After going from doctor to doctor (because almost 98% are afraid to prescribe anything strong for more than a couple of months), I finally found a doctor in Tennessee who was not afraid to prescribe this medication. I suffer from chronic pain in lower back, knees and neck (as well as hands) due to osteoarthritis. She started me out at 30mg and then moved me up to 60mg. I stayed there for a couple of years before she moved me up to 100mg. I stayed on it for a few years and finally got he to up it from twice a day to 3 times a day. I also take hydrocodone three times a day (as needed, 10mg/650). I still have pain but thank God for my doctor and this medication. I could not work without it, or even halfway enjoy life. Yes, you develop a tolerance but by being able to move up your dosage every few years you can adjust. You do have to take stool softners though due to constipation issues. It is a good medication IF you can find a doctor brave enough to give it to you...

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Comment from: MRMRY, 45-54 on Treatment for 2-5 years (Patient) Published: November 22


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