Comment from: Unsure45-54on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: October 25

I have been taking Nplate now for 4 weeks and my platelet count has gone from 32K to 121K. I am having some side effects from the drug. I am unsure if I am going to continue the treatment. There have been no long term studies with humans about this drug.

Comment from: victoria35-44on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: November 26

When this nplate first started out here. I been on it since. I have seen a raise of my count. But not enough i can be in normal stage. One time i was up to 76,000plelets wonderful. But in three weeks it drop down to 27,000. I am trying my best not to give up. But after i recieved my dosage this past week. It went in normal stage. But later on i get tired, sleepy, and have to lay down. The next day i have energy and do what needs to be done for that day too. The side effects it does give me is a little mood swings,boost of energy but not long,some pains in joint, but it is not going to long. Sometimes i can sleep and sometimes not. But like i said it will work but not for long to keep me in normal stage.

Comment from: slickvic45-54on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: August 11

Comment from: TERRI45-54on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: April 29


Comment from: Suntied65-71on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: September 15

Brings my numbers up but I am sick for a week after Diarra fatigue severe leg and hip pains. Lasts 3 to 7 days. Then I just start to feel better time for a shot again. It makes me not feel like me. It does keep me safe in numbers I am now holding at 200000 for 3 wks so that helps to give me more good days then bad. Hoping this will now go to 4 wks since I am holding a little longer. Been on it since March 2016.

Comment from: Jules35-44on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: February 01

I was diagnosed with ITP in 1999. I have always responded well to steroids and they have held me at a normal level. My platelets recently dropped to 0 and I did not respond to steroids. I was given the Nplate injection and I immediatly responded. My platelets went from 0 to 580,000 in a period of just a few days. However, I experienced side effects from Nplate to a very painful degree. The headaches I experienced were so severe I ended up in the ER twice just to manage the pain. I also experienced severe joint/muscle pain, tingling in hands and feet, hands and feet would get very cold during the headaches. Any stimulation to my head or joints (cold or hot} felt like two magnets coming together pulling each direction. There is really no way to emphasize in words the pain of the headaches and the shoulder/neck pain. It has been over a week since I received the injection and my side effects are just now starting to subside. Still dealing with severe neck and shoulder pain/tightening, and the headaches are finally dulling. Nplate saved my life but I don't know if I could ever put myself through the pain of the side effects again. Mainly the headaches.

Comment from: BAS55-64on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: September 25

Tried Nplate October 2014 Got 3 blood clots after the first few injections. the Dr. told me to take aspirin and stay on the Nplate. Amgen Rep said it was impossible that could happen. Took it for a total of 14 weeks and the clots spread up my leg to my groin area. The Dr. took me off the Nplate and put me om blood thinners for 3 months and also prednisone to keep my platelets up. The D-Dimer test showed that a foreign substance in my body triggered the clots and said it had to be the Nplate after 3 months clots gone d-dimer showed everything excellent. Had other side effects that made my life miserable for many months! Not happy with the drug Nplate or the company Amgen who says its just a fluke. Found a few others who had the same problem with clots after 3 shots clots in both legs! I'm in the process of using a top law firm to pursue the matter since Amgen doesn't care!

Comment from: cactusrose36465-71on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: August 05

I have had shots every week for 55 weeks. Just 2times in all that did my platelets reach 290,234 other wise I am no higher than the 30's and as low as 11. I keep waiting for a miracle....who has it?

Comment from: 75 or overon Treatment for 2-5 years Published: February 22

au bout de 4 ans soignée avec ce traitement NPLATE ne répond plus et mes plaquettes sont basses 20.000 15.000 10.000 5.000 1.000

Comment from: Extraordinaire Basshead45-54on Treatment for 5-10 years Published: January 23

ITP presents after pneumonia. Dr. sent me to cancer center. They stated I had cancer but they only treating me for ITP (NPlate). Then said I don't cancer. Doctors utterly confused. Have been getting shot each week for 5 years, platelettes up and down sporadically, also prescribed Vitamin D2 which is known to be far less effective than D3. (But they cannot prescribe D3, the natural version of the D2 synthetic, so no money to be made.) Lost job in May, switched to OTC Vit. D3, have not had shot since then, no symptoms. They begged me to come back, told me I would die! Advised no job, no $$, no insurance. They were ADAMANT that I MUST have shots!!!! Injured arm in August and blood clotting was normal. Cancer Center accidentally sent insurance bill to my house. Shots are billed to insurance at $15,600 per shot!!!! That's $4,056,000 in five years time. Seems like this whole deal is a HUGE money-making scam. They refused to sign any paperwork stating I had cancer after two doctors told me I did. They have proved NOTHING to my satisfaction.

Comment from: Alexia55-64on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: May 31

I Have been taking N-Plate for about 2 years but count seldom more than 30,000. At first i noticed no side effects but now i suffer joint-pains in arms and neck and back,also tingleing in my fingers and tiredness and sometimes a general feeling of unwell.I also have Arthrites and i am not if this also contributes to the problem

Comment from: Andy75 or overon Treatment for 1-6 months Published: September 15

I have had low platelet count for nine months that I know of. (range 40 to 14). Have a weekly injection of NPlate since July 1. Platelet count remains at 24 to 32 side effects headaches and dizziness, low energy level.


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