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Comment from: Sharon, 35-44 on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: January 21

I have been on this medication for 16 years! It was pretty new on the market when I tried it. At that point, it was the alternative to prozac which was always in the news. I didn't want any part of that! I've had excellent results with this medication. It gave me life! I was a mess before starting (depressed and anxious) and had been that way for about 12 years, but within 2 weeks I started to feel "normal". I was concerned about being on the medication when I got pregnant for my second son, but he is 4 years old and completely normal. I had tried to go off the medication a few years prior to my pregnancy and I also experienced withdrawal type symptoms. I was decreasing the amount I was taking over a few weeks. I reached a certain point and it was not possible to go any further. I don't mind taking it because it allows me to be "normal". It would be nice not to have to depend on it, but it beats the alternative. I just pray they never stop manufacturing it! Just like a diabetic that takes insulin to live, I take Paxil to live. I don't think we should feel bad about that. If a diabetic stops their insulin, they will have serious problems. The same is true for us. I think we should be glad that we have medications available to us. Sure it would be nice not to take them, but sometimes that's not possible.

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Comment from: 55-64 on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: July 19

I have been on paxil for 15 years and it has been wonderful in keeping me from having panic attacks and generalized anxiety. I have no side effects and it helps me have a joyful, positive life!

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Comment from: 19-24 on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: February 04

My doctor put me on 20 mg of Paxil as a teen when I was having panic attacks because of the stress of living in an abusive family. Paxil stopped the panic effectively. But it changed my personality. I felt blunted, which helped me tolerate the abusive situation, but it robbed me of the core of my humanity. I couldn't feel emotions as strongly. And I couldn't get excited about anything. Also, if I failed to take it consistently, I went through nightmarish withdrawals. At the time, it was not considered addictive and came with no warning. Six years later, I decided I had to stop taking it. I didn't like how it made me. And I got tired of always worrying about obtaining another prescription. Getting off this medicine was the worst experience I've ever had. Please take this seriously. The withdrawals are worse than you can even imagine. I have experienced both paxil withdrawal and heroin withdrawal, and I would consider the paxil withdrawal the worse of the two. Heroin withdrawal hurts, but paxil withdrawal hurts and causes you to doubt your sanity. But worst of all, more than the withdrawals I experienced, was that after I stopped taking paxil, I became myself again, and literally felt as if I had woken up in the middle of someone else's life. And all the issues I once had and had buried thanks to the medication presented themselves all over again. My problems never went away, Paxil just made me more successful at ignoring them. My sense of shame is terrible. I can't understand why I made the choices I made when I was on that medicine. I failed to protect myself. I hurt those close to me because I didn't understand the emotional pain I could cause other people. It was horrible finally facing the reality of what my life had become. In short, Paxil will make you feel better, if your life is unbearable because of anxiety. But it comes with a cost. It changes you. And it's horribly and undeniably addictive. I can't believe I was told this drug was 'safe'

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Comment from: rickarooski, 45-54 Female on Treatment for 1-2 years (Patient) Published: March 06

This is a follow-up note to my 1+ years on Paxil. The star rating says it all as it pertains to the treatment. THIS POST, addresses the weight gain issue of some users. I have NOT gained any weight on Paxil. That's not to say that if I didn't realize what was happening, I'd be bigger than a house by now. For whatever reason, Paxil' beneficial effect turns off the "I'm full" button in your head. For me, I could eat until I exploded and not feel full. This must go along with the sedative/calming or (la-la-la who-cares) effect of this group of drugs). The weight gain is YOUR responsibility. Establish portion sizes and STICK WITH IT!! No 2nd's!! (That will be just the next step before 3rd's, ect.) When you wake up at night, AND YOU WILL, do not raid the pantry for chips, cookies, ect. This is the area to consentrate on. Meals are now VISUAL BASED since you'll have a hard time getting the "full" feeling any more. Hope this helps! PS: If you ever say to yourself "this one small amount of ???? at 3AM won't hurt", you need to re-read this post.

Comment from: 25-34 on Treatment for 2-5 years (Patient) Published: January 13

1st of all I read all the reviews and just laugh, all meds work differently for EVERYBODY. It will work for some and not for others. This med gave me my life back! I was suffering from panic attacks so bad I couldnt do a single thing without having an attack. Ive been on the med for around 4 yrs. I never liked the idea of taking pills but once I started on 10mg I up'd my dose to 20 mg and have been on that since. I have about 2 weeks where I had to be off the med and it wasnt the greatest but was doable. Just made me feel lightheaded and dizzy. but in all reality I would much rather feel that then another panic attack ever. So basically if this is a med that can work for you I say go for it. it was a miracle for me.

Comment from: hope for us, 25-34 on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: January 05

I have been on Paxil for 6 yrs. It has been a miracle. I have been off it 2 times and its always because other people make me feel bad for takeing it. They call it a crutch or act like I get high on it. My symptoms always return with out Paxil. And I have to go threw all that suffering for nothing. I will take paxil all my life and be happy I have it the alternitive for me is killing myself.

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Comment from: Lotsoflucy, 35-44 on Treatment for 2-5 years (Patient) Published: November 18

Dizzy and closed in is how I felt. 40mg of Paxil was my cure. I can't get off of it or I feel all jittery but this pill changed my life without changing the person that I am. No more overwhelming fear of passing out or feeling like my body is disconnected from my brain. I feel whole and very alert on Paxil. My only complaint is that it is difficult for me to get a deep sleep that my body really needs. Paxil gave me my life back and took many unreasonable fears away. I never feel like I need to slip out of the room or feel fidgety anymore.

Comment from: Kim, 45-54 on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: September 16

WARNING!!!!! I am a 45 year old female that has been on Paxil, Paroxetine for about 20 years. Although the medication caused weight gain, which to a woman is very stressful I continued to take it for my anxiety and depression. I was told many years ago by a therapist who wanted me to try a different medication that I had to wean off of the paxil. I did not notice any side affects because I immediatly started the new med and then with in a couple of weeks due to a reaction from the new med was put back onto the paxil. Long story short, I recently have tried to go off of the paxil. About 3-4 weeks ago now. Since I have weaned off, I am experiencing debilitating side affects. If it weren't for starting a new medication for a different issue that can not be mixed with Paxil, I would go back onto it. I feel awful!! My head feels woozy, and my lips are tingly. All my limbs feel numb and tingly. When I move my head, I get these weird feelings of electrical shock in my brain. I have a headache most of the time and have had extreme mood swings. I have no energy. I have been trying to find a source to get more information on this, but it has been very difficult. At no time did the doctors tell me when I went on this medication that it would make me so ill going off of it. It has been almost over a month and I still feel horrible. I just want to let all of you know who are planning to go onto it. I do not know why the doctors do not express how bad the withdrawl is. If I had known, I would have asked to try something else or taking short breaks off of it. Please be careful taking this med and take care of yourselves.

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Comment from: 25-34 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: October 30

I have taken paxil for a month and it has stopped the anxiety and panic attacks. but i am going to talk to my docter about taking me off of it because im not sleeping at night and im very tired in the day time. i have no desire to do anything or to talk to anyone. and thats not normal. id almost rather be me with the attacks than not be me without them.

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Comment from: Starlght3, 35-44 on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: June 16

I have been taking paxil for 12 years @ 20mg. Recently my dosage was uped to 40mg/day. I can feel the difference. It was a life altering drug for me and helped me to feel myself again.

Comment from: nissaL, 45-54 on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: June 15

I have a family history of anxiety among other things. My FNP put me on Paxil CR about 10 years ago. Over the years, the dosage has gone up. I was a wreck though, without the medication. Fearful of just about everything. Now I enjoy a much better life, and can handle what life brings to me in a much more relaxed manner. God is in control of my life. The people who invented Paxil came from HIM. My philosophy.

Comment from: 19-24 on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: November 24

After having panic attacks as early as 8 years old, I was prescribed Paxil at the age of 14 by my physician. I then started therapy when I was 19. I am almost 25, and I am starting to be weaned off of it. I am surprised at how little side effects I am experiencing. I know many people who have taken this drug and it has NOT worked for them, or they tell me they feel like they are drunk. However, this drug changed my life. I never thought I would ever be able to leave my house or get a driver's license or go to college or live life as a normal kid. My panic attacks terrified me to the point that I never left my mother's side and my family had a tough time dealing with the problems that came with the panic disorder. My life is normal because of therapy and Paxil. It has worked for me for a little over ten years. I am very pleased with how Paxil has helped me.


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Comment from: Female Published: January 01

I would only get panic attacks when I went far from home or my comfort zone. And I mean far. Vacations were horrible as the panic attacks would set in and I never thought I would get back home. Paxil has taken this nonsence away and now I can enjoy long journeys and vacations.

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Comment from: 45-54 on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: April 13

I have had no more panic attacks since on this drug, but even though I am now down to a very small dose, I still have gained 20 lbs. and not changed my eating habits. Plus it is very hard to reach orgasm and I never had that problem before. I have been on this drug a long time and to me, the benefits have been worth it even with the negative effects.

Comment from: 25-34 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: April 27

Not everyone reacts the same to this medication so listening to someone else's positive or negative assessment doesn't say anything about how the drug will work for you. It either will or it won't and there's no way to know before actually trying it. However, I hope what you take from this review is evidence that it can work and if you haven't had success with other things, you should try it with consultation with a doctor. I have moderate depression and anxiety. I took Paxil for four months and it was the first time in fourteen years that I actually felt good. I was happy. I weaned myself off of it after four months because at the time I didn't want to take it if I didn't know it was necessary. I didn't experience any of the horrific withdrawal symptoms that are possible. For four months I felt happy even without the drug and then the anxiety crept back in and then the depression sympotoms returned as well. I'm now back on it and although I've only been on it for a short while, I am already feeling better than without it. The only thing that lowered my satisfaction was that I have nausea and slight jitteriness in the beginning, but that goes away within a week so it's not that big of a deal.

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Comment from: 35-44 Female on Treatment for 5-10 years Published: October 27

Been on Paxil for six years for severe anxiety and Panic attacks. This medication is a life saver and when I went off one year, no zapping whats so ever. Anxiety and Insomnia returned and I went back on 20mg a day. Back to normal in two days. My Doc said he will never take me off again. I agree.

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Comment from: janfmpet, 35-44 on Treatment for 6 months - 1 year (Patient) Published: June 24

I have had bipolar depression since I was a child. I suffered with it until I was properly diagnosed in my late 30's. Life was very difficult for a long time. After trying everything else, such as herbal remedies, vitamins, etc.. exercise, talk therapy, etc, with little success, I finally gave in and tried many different antidpressants and tranquilizers. This was not easy either. I went through alot of side effects that affected my work, personal life, everything.. but I knew I had to keep searching..because I knew that I had an imbalance that needed to be treated with the correct medicine and that I needed to see a therapist who among other things could closely monitor the drug reaction, this is very important, you must see a doctor on a regular basis and be aware of and communicate any feelings, emotions, that you have that are questionable. After much trial and error I have finally settled on paxil. I started with 15 mg. and am now up to 60 mg. (my doctor calls it a "therapeutic dose"). I feel better with the higher dose. It has helped with my peri-menopause symptoms, anxiety and bipolar depression. I will take it as long as it continues working, along with continuation of exercise, proper diet, etc..which is very important because one of the side effects for me was weight gain. I would suggest trying this medication if you need to, however, if you decide to go off of it, remember, you must wean off of it very gradually and be monitored by a doctor, there are intense withdrawal symptoms that can be difficult if you don't stop properly. Remember to communicate with your doctor at all times. I wish you well.

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Comment from: 65-74 on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: February 21

Paxil works well for panic attacks and anxiety. The problem is after 10 years, I can't seem to get off of this med. I have been 'bridged' with Wellbutrin but feeling 'vague' and 'bitchy'. Not sure what to do now? go back to paxil???

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Comment from: Mutherlode, 55-64 on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: September 17

My life was a nightmare... agorophobia, panic attacks, depression, mood swings. Doctors tried many drugs then about 10 years ago started Paxil. I changed almost overnight! 20 mg makes me hyper and 10 mg doesn't work well. I am on 15 mg every day and live an absolutely wonderful, "normal" life. No panic, I travel, work, everything! The only side effects for me is a very large weight gain with great difficulty getting any off and no sex drive whatsoever. I am 59, single and loving that fact so this doesn't matter. The trade off is well worth it. Fabulous medication. I will take it for the rest of my life gladly.

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Comment from: Sue, 45-54 on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: March 17

I started with paxil over tweleve years ago to stop my panic attacks. It did it's job well, but as with most drugs it has its side effects. One is gaining weight and the loss of sex drive. It also is hard to get off of. I am at the point now where I would like to be off of it but like many others have found it is not an easy drug to withdraw from. I get the jolts, bad muscle & joint aches, plus become very irritable whenever I stop taking it for a few days. It was interesting to me to read some of these same symptoms experienced by many on this website. I could never quite put a name to what many call the 'jolts' but I know just what you are talking about. All the same everyone is different and we react differently to drugs. I am very thankful for how paxil helped me be free of my panic attacks. I don't want to have to take it for life but living isn't very good if you are struggling with severe anxiety or depression. Sometimes we have to pick the lesser of two evils.

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Comment from: 19-24 on Treatment for 2-5 years (Patient) Published: August 11

I am a 24 year old young woman weening myself off of Paxil CR 25 mg. I have no other choice but to stop taking my Paxil because the state of Florida will not help me get any type of health insurance, (I am also an insulin dependent type I diabetic...anyway...I am experiencing horrofic side effects including: "electric shocks: through my brain, panic attacks, extreme nausea, diareah(sp?), lonliness, and sudden outbursts of anger or uncontrollable crying. This drup is extremely dangerous. It works well while you take it, but should you ever choose to go off it...hold on to your ass. Look up "Paxil Withdrawal Symptoms" on will be shocked. Take care of yourselves, and PLEASE stay away from Paxil, find an alternative with your doctor, PLEASE! God Bless.

Comment from: Jodee, 35-44 on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: December 06

I am now 41 years old. I've been on Paxil for about 15yrs. It worked wonders for me as long as I didn't run out or skip doses. I did actually get off for about 2 yrs. I didn't mean to, I just would forget to take them, then cut back on my doses due to cost and then finally just quit. I didn't have any side affects at that time. Very Strange. I got back on due to some increased anxiety with a bad situation. If I skip one night's dose, I feel great the next day. (Probably too great) But, if I skip 2 doses, It's the beginning of horrible. Skip 3 doses, you can experience "Brain Shivers" or a wavy feeling in your head. Electrical shock feelings going through your head, arms and even hands. Severe anger that consumes you. Crying, Paranoia, etc etc. Don't skip doses!! If you decide to try getting off. Wean yourself very very slowly. Even over months. Slowly decreasing your dose. Of course with the help of your doctor. However, they seem to want to go too fast. I didn't gain weight. Of course I'm one who can go up and down 5 to 10 lbs. easily. It's easier for me to take my pill at night before bed (around the same time) so I'm not tired during the day. the increased happiness or quality of life can give you the energy to exercise more often if needed. Paxil takes 2 to 3 weeks for it to get into your system before you know if will work for you. Sleepiness will usually go away. I felt a relief within the first day of taking it. Not for everybody I'm sure but it put me back on track. Good luck to everyone dealing with depression and anxiety.

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Comment from: Homer, 55-64 Female on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: December 20

Over a time of a few years I became very aggressive, no matter what it was someone else who was wrong. My wife was going to divorce me because of my behavior. It wasn't till she found a web site with other people having the same problem that I believed her. Since I've gone off the drug I am back to my happy go lucky self and we never fight. Be careful you don't know this is happening to you. You believe your right no matter what. This is a side effect that they really don't talk about.

Comment from: 45-54 on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: July 25

I have suffered from anxiety since high school. About 7 years ago, I began having panic attacks. They were dibilitating! I began taking 25mg of Paxil CR and I am like a new person! It saved me!


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Comment from: Laura, 45-54 on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: May 29

I have taken 40mg of Paxil for 9 years. My biggest side effect was Dry mouth, which in turn led to gumline cavities and a lot of dental work. Biotene products help this. Paxil was a life changing drug for me.

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