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Comment from: CarolineS55-64on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: January 16

GOUT! If you have to take a diuretic like I do (Furosemide) you should be aware that it raises Uric Acid levels. In my case, I developed hard, white painful lumps on my joints, including my thumb, fore and middle fingers, and big toes. THEN the inflammation starts and THAT is gout. Horribly painful. Docs give you allopurinol. Horrid side effects. Even worse, they dometimes give you Colcichine for an acute attack, and that really tears up your gut! I take 2 mls (60 drops) of an alcohol free extract of Hydrangea by Seven Bark every day for about two weeks on and two weeks off, and my gout has disappeared, and my gouty lumps have all but gone.

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Comment from: Shreck55-64 Published: January 01

Seems to break up my kidney stone quickly!

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