Comment from: trauma rn 45-54 Female 5 to less than 10 years Patient Published: October 01

I was on lisinopril for almost ten years and suddenly developed angioedema of the airway that was life threatening. I have recovered and am on norvasc. If you can tolerate this drug it is great but if you can't then be warned the side effect can kill you

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Comment from: Angus11 45-54 Female 10 years or more Patient Published: July 06

I've been taking lisinopril for over 20 years. Great drug, effective and zero side effects. I wish all medications worked this well.

Comment from: 45-54 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: March 22

had very high blood pressure and started taking this medication and it seems like it has helped my pressure has come down a lot and i've only been taking it for 5 days very impressive my dr. trusted this medication to work for me.

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Comment from: geric 65-74 Female 5 to less than 10 years Patient Published: January 18

I have been on Lisinopril for about 8 years and have had no negative side effects. Would recommend it to others.

Comment from: ajrl3245 35-44 Female 10 years or more Patient Published: January 12

I had a reaction to this medicine i almost died from it DO NO TAKE

Comment from: Tresee 55-64 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: August 01

I was just started on this mediciation. I have taken one dose and it has brought down my blood pressure. So far I am very satifyed with this medicine. I hope that I continue to have very good results

Comment from: Jeremy 65-74 Male 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: May 28

I was diagnosed with high BP 200+ about a year and a half ago. Put on Amlodopine 20 mg initially with a small improvement and later with Lisinopril at 20 mg. BP still running in the 140 to 160 range so Bendroflumethiazide 2.5 added which was the drug from hell made me impotent, somewhat indifferent to life in general and I could not venture out without knowing where the nearest urinal was and it did nothng for my BP. Now on Lisinopril 40 mg and 20 mg Amlodopine no side effects and BP below 135. Thinking about just Lisinopril as it works for me but I have to have an annual check for kidney damage. OK so far

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Comment from: 65-74 Female 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: May 23

Blood pressure has not been well controlled

Comment from: RAS 45-54 Male 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: April 25

I'm actually quite surprised at all of the side effects that other users are experiencing. I have not experienced any, that I'm aware of. I have been taking 5mg of Lisinopril for 14 months now. My BP was high, but not severe. My BP now is around the 120/80 range give or take 10 on either. I guess I'm one of the success stories. I felt like a new man once I was put on Lisinopril.

Comment from: roadrunner 45-54 Male 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: March 27

taking linsopril the generic with hcl diretic, it seems to lower my BP, and does keep it low, sometimes to low, i am on 20mg lin & 10 hcl. i do get get hands & feet but no cough, maybe a tickle at times, it sometimes makes me tired & recently noticed have sexual problems, sometimes i have no erection, its killing me and i wonder if any other men have been experience this & just afraid to say it. i already lost another potiental mate because of it & trying to find out whats going on.

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Comment from: JImG 45-54 Male 1 to 6 months Patient Published: December 06

It was prescribed to me to supplement Diltiazem to help lower blood pressure. It was effective in doing so, but after a few months caused a horrible hacking cough that made me absolutely miserable. I couldn't even sleep. I discontinued it about two weeks ago now and the cough still remains. I'm not sure it is getting better.

Comment from: Happy 55-64 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: September 14

I am a Asian woman who's very active,playing golf 3/week also jazzercise 3/week. On other bp med.for about 10years w/o problems, but my dr.told me my creatinine level getting Bad, so he recommended to use lisinopril ( but my pharmacy Gave me generic) used 1week, but i could not bear severe headaches. Also experienced sneezing, cold symptoms. I will contact my Dr. Soon for change my med.

Comment from: Female Caregiver Published: June 18

60 yrs old F - Had borderline high BP and have been taking 5 mg of Lisinopril per day for past month. I feel much better & it has controlled my BP, but the cough/post nasal drip may be the deal breaker on this one. Too bad, because othewise it has worked great for me. I also wonder what it does to the lungs over time.

Comment from: dumbuthappy 65-74 Female 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: May 12

For over a year the drug worked very well. I had a SUDDEN SEVERE allergic reaction. My tongue began swelling and within an hour I could not talk or swallow. I spent an afternoon in the ER getting IV prednisone and benadryl followed by prednisone and benadryl orally for a week.

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Comment from: jwes 45-54 Male 10 years or more Patient Published: April 11

i take 50 mg of atenolol twice daily, 10 mg. of norvasc, and 40 mg. of prinivil and still have hogh bp

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Comment from: MImiMarty 65-74 Female 2 to less than 5 years Caregiver Published: April 04

I was taking the minimum dose of lisinopril and developed a dry, hacking cough will chills and muscle aches. My doctor told me to go home and gargle salt water! I changed doctors and the first thing he said after asking why I was there and what I was taking, "It's the Lisinopril. Let me give you something else!" My husband is a diabetic and has really bad high blood pressure. He's been on Lisinopril for nearly 3 years. Last Sat. I woke up to find him feeling his face and looking at his tongue which was swollen to nearly 5 times the normal size. He couldn't swallow and could barely talk. I took him to the ER immediately - the triage nurse asked if he took lisinopril - we said yes and she said, "We see this a lot! About 50% of the people who come in with this problem (angioedema) are on the lisinopril. He also has trouble with swelling in his feet and hands; has balance problems and has fallen several times. I want to watch him to see if being off the lisinopril helps with these other problems!! They should take it off the market!!

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Comment from: all sewn up 45-54 Female 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: February 26

All doctors insist that I take meds to prevent kidney failure since I am a type I diabetic. Lisinipril made me very tired all of the time and foggy headed. I could not concentrate at work, and eventually ended up quitting my job because I thought I couldn't handle it any longer. I also experienced tightness of my muscles and tendons in my legs while taking this. Everything improved when I finally realized it was the medicine that caused this and stopped taking it.

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Comment from: protex 55-64 Male 1 to 6 months Patient Published: February 23

I work in a high stress professional field. I was put on 30 mg of lisinopril, and within 2 months had gained over 20 pounds with my regular 3 mile a day walk and work out. I felt as though I was working thru a thick fog and lost a lot of ability to concentrate. I dropped off the foul stuff, and feel like I am re-involved with life again. A good cigar with an after dinner drink is better to control things with than not being able to work or function properly. Horrible stuff.

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Comment from: lkbarr 35-44 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: January 25

I had severe anxiety after taking this drug once. When I slept I had nightmares and awake I had panic attacks about completely illogical things (what to wear, etc.) The doctor and pharmacist said this was a rare reaction. I'm someone who normally worries about stuff, but this medicine amplified a casual worry till it was fear beyond reason. Doctor took me off the medicine and gave me something else. It did lower my pressure for 24 hours, though!

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Comment from: Emily 35-44 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: November 27

nagging, choking, cough


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