Comment from: Hector17 45-54 Female 5 to less than 10 years Patient Published: January 14

I have been taking 300mg of Provigil for the past 7 yrs. I view this medication as a true miracle in my life. Provigil has been the only medication out of the tons I have been previously prescribed that finally worked in helping me stay awake. Prior to Provigil, I was not allowed to drive a vehicle, I could not work and on most days could not stay awake for more than two hours at a time. Since starting Provigil I have been able to start working again on a part-time basis, I can drive and on most days I have no problems staying awake. The only problems I have had with the medication is its cost and the taste of the medication. Before I was able to receive an exception from my insurance company I was paying a hefty price for the medication. The pill I take comes in a tablet form and even though taking it is only brief it does leave an initial bad taste in your mouth. The latter is minor compared to all the benefits I have reaped from taking the medication.

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Comment from: 45-54 Female Patient Published: July 17

Provigil prevents me from actually falling asleep unwillingly, but I am still drowsy throughout the day. I've been taking it for over a year and this is my second attempt with it. I also tried Nuvigil, which is a stronger form of the drug. More success, but more side effects.

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Comment from: Lori 35-44 Female Patient Published: December 15

I don't know about anyone else, when it comes to provision! I took this before no! I don't rememeber the dosage! But dang, dude it gave me a splitting headache!

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Comment from: Lori 35-44 Female Caregiver Published: October 21

Low rating, not because of the doctors because the medication would give me a splitting headache it would be about 20 minutes to 30 minutes from the time I took that medication. Bad enough I would have to hold my head ache!

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Comment from: 75 or over Female less than 1 month Caregiver Published: July 31

Mood changer easier to focus

Comment from: Infomaker 45-54 Female 1 to 6 months Caregiver Published: April 21

Provagil (Modafinil) worked for me, but it took a few tries. My first dose wasn't real effective but after a few days I noticed a huge change. Go easy with it initially. As with any drug it should be used in moderation. Tolerance builds up fast just like any drugs that actually works. Nuvigil lasts longer but doesn't work as well for me. I like Provigil. It is the R and S Isomers. Provigil has both. The S Isomer doesn't last as long but come on quicker. The R Isomer is more plentiful in Nuvigil which lasts longer but comes on or hits you less quickly or hard. From my experience Provigil is better and I can sleep on it. I don't even like Ephedrine HCL or Sulfate as it does nothing for me. Sometimes I add caffeine but again go easy with this stuff it is potent.5

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Comment from: FloatingApex 65-74 Male 5 to less than 10 years Patient Published: November 17

This has been a "life-saver" for me. When I turned 60, I started to fall asleep at work and on the long drives home. Also, my mind would periodically "enter a fog" where recalling the simplest facts became difficult. Lethargy was setting in all my activities. All these problems went away, completely, with modafanil (provigil). The Dr. wanted me to try NuVigil, and then I learned how many symptoms of fibromyalgia modafanil was also minimizing. [NuVigil seemed to have no effect on the fibromyalgia.] Six years later, I am still taking 300 to 400 mg per day in 100 mg increments. (I split the 200 mg pill, and take them about four hours apart), and I don't think I could function as an engineer jack-of-all trades without it.

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Comment from: 45-54 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: September 24

cost prohibitive

Comment from: Mrs. B 45-54 Female 5 to less than 10 years Patient Published: July 11

Almost 10 yrs ago, I initially started this med 2 curb my w/drawl sympt. from meth-which helped immensely. I was later diagnosed w/ ADHD. I started at 100mg & grad increased 2 400mg. Once a year, BC/BS ins. puts up a fuss, but my Dr. sends a letter of explanation, & they recind & end up covering me 4 another year. I have been on t/ generic now 4 a few yrs, haven't noticed "much" dif. Recently tho, we increased my dosage 2 500mg & that has affected my vision terribly! & I don't believe it's made a whole lot of dif. I think I'll talk 2 my Dr. about increasing my adderall instead...I'm also taking 40mg of that a day. But at this point, I can't imagine functioning at my job w/out it. I'm a bookkeeper, & by mid-day I become so burned-out, provigill/modafinil is all that keeps me going. I do wake up with a mild headache most mornings, but as soon as the med kicks in, it usually goes away. But if u notice any vision changes, most definitely consider adjusting your dosage! It's a lot cheaper than buying new contacts or glasses every 6 months!

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Comment from: 35-44 Male 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: June 29

I have been on Provigil for three years for narcolepsy. In 2015 with the change in my insurance I can no longer afford to use this great medication.

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Comment from: Monty 19-24 Male 1 to 6 months Patient Published: June 01

Iv been using this drug for a few months now and its been fantastic for helping with my narcolepsy/EDS. It give me laser focus, keeps me alert/energized and gave me a new outlook on life in general. The only downside that I have come across is the tolerance for this drug is built very fast, at least for me. It makes my urine smell very strange and I get slight headaches. Hydration is essential.

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Comment from: Goddess of sleep 45-54 Female 5 to less than 10 years Patient Published: November 09

I've a multitude of issues. Narcolepsy, seasonal dis, lupus, fibro, thyroid,ect. The med did wonders for me 200mg/bid ( x2). But then insurances decided they knew better. I was then put on nuvigil x1/day. Well, it didn't work as well; but it was better than not having anything. I fought back and won. It took so long that, now it seems like the med doesn't work as well. I'm sleeping so much, have gained over a 100# even tho my portions r mod. I eat horribly bc all I do is sleep. Lucky if I get 4-6hrs/day awake. I take in xtra caffeine and am now taking extra thyroid meds bc I can't stand sleeping all the time!!! Mds pls fight harder w/the ins co. They're runing my hlth!!! I'm a Nurse a know better, but I won't live my life sleeping 24/7, having a heart attack or getting diabetes bc they can't make enough money....who's fooling who? These meds cannot possibly cost as much as they do....hell meth and crack dealers make it on the cheap and they don't even know what the hell they're doing. DESPERATE 4 change!!!

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Comment from: jennV 35-44 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: October 15

Narcolepsy and CFS. Rittalin made me nervous, heart palpataions, hard crashes, and other side effects. Nuvigil made me sick. Provigil is awesome! I feel great. More like my old self. I take 200mg in the am and 100mg at lunch and I sleep great at night. Luckily my insurance will pay for it.

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Comment from: M.S. sleepy 35-44 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: August 02

I have MS & in am tired & sleep a lot. I take 200mg & I'm awake but still have some tired feelings we tried 300mg & it works GREAT. I can think a lot better actually function. I have been reading about the cost call the manufacturer & they have programs for help with copays or the whole cost. All medications have these programs. Also if you web surf there is a lot of programs out there with help pay for medications. I hope this helps.

Comment from: Nevergiveup 55-64 Female 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: July 10

I also refer you to the review dated 6/22/2013 11:04:07 AM. She said it all and others, too. Dealing with MS fatigue, the med worked miracles for me. 1- 200mg a day in time had to be increased to 2-200mg per day as if the effects "wore off". Without it I would probably lay on the couch most of the day. My "coverage" BCBS of MI (Caremark) stopped covering it. Other BCBS states do, go figure. They covered it the year before for MS. My neuro went to great lengths to try to get it approved, it was not. Cut back to 1-200mg a day, felt HALF alive to lower? cost. Out of pocket $1139.00 for 30 tablets for a month for 2-3 years. Somewhere during this time tried the generic (less expensive, mild side effects, Dr didn't feel was OK for me.) Can't afford this. I'm going to be switched to armodafinil highest mg ($519.00 per month)which is generic Nuvigil. Do you know that Provigil and Nuvigil are from the same drug company that is playing games with the pricing according to when their patents run out. I wouldn't take Nuvigil if you paid me. Or would I-just kidding-thought I could make some money since retirement has been dipped in to over this. Why doesn't the FDA approve this med for MS, it has been documented to be beneficial for fatigue? Why do I have insurance that wants to pick and choose what to cover or not? And now the big mystery-why does a pharmaceutical company have a price of $39 on 1 tablet when their quarterly profits are in the zillions. Shipping and handling? Guess I when on and on about this. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ! To the MS people: thumb your nose at it and try to ignore anything you have to put up with. Like I should talk. Whatever you do don't lose you're sense of humor.

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Comment from: Daddoesprovigil 55-64 Male 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: July 04

I have found Provigil to be very beneficial although I have had some concerns about long term effects. I have been diagnosed with OSA and have a CPAP. I have always been a morning person and conk out at 3-4 pm with bedtime around 9 pm to 10 pm. Provigil has not changed my sleep pattern since I take it around 6 am every day... by 3-4 pm it is out of my system and I can easily nap. If I take a late dose I will not be napping at 3-4 pm. I am still concerned about side effects, but I have to say that my overall physical and mental performance is NOT the same on and off Provigil. So is it a wonder drug for some? I would only caution people who do not have issues to not play with fire. I want to believe that my sleep apnea balances out the affects of Provigil... I watch myself carefully and try to see and observe any sleep issues. Make sure you are under a doctor's care... any drug can be abused. I'm not sure this drug should be considered for recreational use. Screwing with your brain is never a good idea!

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Comment from: strongwoman72 35-44 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: June 23

After reading some of the comments I see that cost has been an issue for several people. You can now get the generic version (modafinil). This is new -- my pharmacy had to order it for me. I just had my first dose. With my insurance it cost me $10. I just started Provigil today so I will update you later on the effectiveness but so far the comments I read were very positive. Thanks!

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Comment from: hellen 35-44 Female 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: February 20

very good drug for shift workers that need alertness and have trouble associated with shift work if taken properly.


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