Comment from: 13-18 Male 10 years or more Patient Published: September 18

My child has a history of not responding to antibiotics. Rocephin has worked for e coli and respiratory infection. Results are noticed 24-48hrs. No side effects for him

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Comment from: DonOldGuy 65-74 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: September 14

Have no idea what the proper medical term is for the infection I got after being bitten my a cat. First visit to urgent care resulted in getting a Rocephin injection. 20 years of frequent inoculations as a military aircrew member. Never had such horrible pain from any previous injection. Plague inoculations would have been my only complaint of pain until this one. 100x worse. Don't know the effectiveness since the next day I was in the Emergency room with a sustained IV of antibiotics (cellulitis) and follow up with Augmentin. Difficult to assess which treatment had me feeling much better a day after leaving ER. Will never ignore an animal bite again. Will never let anyone near me with a syringe of Rocephin that doesn't have some Lidocain.

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Comment from: Skylie 19-24 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: July 19

Good. I had a really bad outer ear infection turned to cellulitis. The infection was spreading fast to the rest of my cheek and neck within 24 hours of starting. Doctor gave me a shot of Rocephin while in the office to stop the spreading. And also prescribed a 10 day oral antibiotic. The nurse who administered the shot had me stay in the office for about 15 minutes to make sure I didnâ??t have a reaction to it. About 24 hours after the shot and 2 doses of the oral antibiotics the infection has stopped spreading and my fever has gone down from 102.8 to 99.8.

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Comment from: myself 65-74 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: February 17

Entered ER with acute sigmoid diverticulitis and in severe pain. Never knew I had it. Was given IV of this and another drug and within a few hours I could feel the receding of the infection.

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Comment from: frogman 65-74 Male less than 1 month Patient Published: November 22

I acquired sepsis from E. Coli following a prostate biopsy. Fourteen IV doses of rocephin brought me back to good health.

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Comment from: 1943jewel 55-64 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: November 13

I am on a gram a day for 14 days,through my port. I feel weakness in my legs.Tired.UTI has been improving however.

Comment from: 45-54 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: April 27

severe allergic reaction with anaphylactic shock and cardiac emergency. spent 2 weeks in cardiac care. Only had the one IV dose so there was no improvement in the pneumonia.

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Comment from: 45-54 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: September 18

I had it administered IV for one hour last night because of a spreading skin infection. I had a very strong head ache by the end of the hour. I felt my head was swollen and numb. That went away over the course of the next hour. This morning, the infection redness looked quite subdued and it had stopped spreading.

Comment from: mom 13-18 Female less than 1 month Caregiver Published: July 03

Caused swelling of face and left hand.

Comment from: grumpy 55-64 Male 1 to 6 months Patient Published: June 13


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Comment from: Sisao 65-74 Male less than 1 month Patient Published: July 18

Used medication for prostate infection after a biopsy (in the hospital)it took 6 bags of 50 ml each to control the infection. No side effects, started to get better after the third bag treatment.

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Comment from: 55-64 Male Patient Published: June 25

had to have a daily infusion for 38 days

Comment from: 3 dogs 1 cat 45-54 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: June 18

I had been ill one month with an UTI. My doctor finally ran a second culture (at my insistance) and determined the infection needed to be treated with Rocephin. It worked I feel as if I have my life back. The only downside was I had to go into the drs. office everyday for ten days for an injection.

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Comment from: Jeanine 65-74 Female less than 1 month Caregiver Published: June 11

This injection nearly killed my mother-in-law 3 days ago. After being injected she immediately became lightheaded and went into a seizure,and stopped breathing. Thank God she was at the doctors office! They were able to bring her back. It shot her heart rate up to 150 beats per min,her eyes were rolled up in head and she could barely breath! I thought for sure she was gonna die. She looked horrible and struggled for 5 hours before being able to get her breathing to her normal rate. She spent a day in ICU,and another day in the hospital. I would NOT recommend this medication to anyone. Her pharmacist told me that her son almost died from this medication too,and that it is known to cause allergic reactions in a high percentage of people.

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Comment from: PJ 75 or over Male 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: October 17

About two years ago I was diagnosed with Whipples Disease. This is a very rare disease which attacks various parts of your body causing joint pain, vomiting, diahrea, dry mouth, etc;. The prescribed dose was daily infusions to be administered at a hospital or clinic. I chose my local clinic and received daily treatment six times a week for a solid year.At first I was skeptical but after a few months I could see some results. I completed treatment earlier this year and I'm considered cured, although I still get tired very easily. Overall I'm very happy with the results.

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Comment from: Cat-in-the-Hat 35-44 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: March 08

This is the only med that has helped treat my Lyme. It is a bit hardcore to inject 3cc into each thigh everyday and to herx, but at least I know its working. I take the 2gram.

Comment from: Christyn36 35-44 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: January 31

I was on Rocephin IV x 1 month and went to the ER twice the first month for chest pain. They said it was related to the Lymes Disease. Five months later, I am still having the chest pain. I saw my family doctor several times. Finally I got referred to GI for an EGD. I come to find out the med caused me to get Gastric and duodenal ulcers :( The medicine worked but the side effects after teh fact still have me seeking medicaL treatment.

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Comment from: 35-44 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: November 23



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