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Serevent Diskus


Comment from: natashaxe45-54on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: October 21

Since I am on several different medications, it is difficult to tell which symptoms I experience are attributed to my use of Dulera. As with all drugs, the side effects are listed with the drug information and my additional symptoms could be caused by the Dulera. Perhaps in an effort to ensure I continue taking it even when asymptomatic, doctors typically dismiss my concerns when I report possible side effects. More than one doctor has made the claim that these inhaled steroid inhalers rarely cause side effects. The doctor's explanation is that the inhaled medication does not primarily work in the blood stream therefore has reduced access to other parts of the body. Though relative to Prednisone, the drug will have less impact in the blood stream, it will still be present. Identifying possible side effects is not the priority it should be in medicine.

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