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Seroquel XR


Comment from: Eli Johnson25-34on Treatment for 10+ years Published: May 12

I have been taking Seroquel for 17 years. I started taking seroquel 25mgs per day and now Im on 800mg seroquel xr per day. It puts me to sleep. I gained 10lbs or less in 17 years. I have developed gynecomastia and cant wear a t shirt without some people mentioning my gynecomastia. My prescribing doctor says I look emasculate and skinny. My other doctor says my gynecomastia is noticeable when I take my shirt off. My doctor recommended that I see a specialist to check for male breast cancer with ultrasound and mammogram and the test is covered by my insurance. The doctor said there were no cancer cells thefore surgery to remove the gynecomastia isn't covered by insurance. I cant afford to pay for the true gynecomastia surgery to remove the hard breast tissue.

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Comment from: Shawn Low25-34on Treatment for 10+ years Published: August 16

I have been taking Seroquel XR 800mg daily for almost 11 years. Before this I was on regular seroquel for many years. It really helps with my racing thoughts and sleep. Sometimes I get hives and have to take an antihistamine. I have recently noticed male gynecomastia and hard glandular tissue growth on my chest.

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Comment from: jennifer bounds45-54on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: May 17

My treatment with this drug made me exhausted I had munchies gained weight i am the heaviest I have ever been. Worst of all it made me sleep walk I was in the back yard at one point. i have Major Depressive Disorder with anxiety difficulty sleeping I am now on a different med.

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Comment from: 25-34on Treatment for 5-10 years Published: January 24

I have been on 50 mg of Seroquel XR for 7 years with 1 mg of ativan when I need it. At first the medicine did wonders for me. I could sleep at night, wasn't having panic attacks on a daily basis, anxiety went down, and I felt normal again. However, after being on the same dose of it this long I am no longer getting those affects from it. Also I don't have bipolar or schizophrenia so don't know how useful it is to me anymore. I would say for people who need short term relief from severe anxiety/panic it is very helpful. I would say after taking it for about three or four years then I would get off it. The long term side effects are not worth it.

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Comment from: JohnsonBoy45-54on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: December 02

When I was prescribed Seroquel XR for severe anxiety recently, I wasn't expecting good results. Instead I anticipated getting bad side effects. I didn't like the idea of taking an anti-psychotic medicine. But almost immediately this XR version of Seroquel showed itself to be the best answer for me. It literally makes me 'normal', more normal than I've ever seen myself, and so far none of the side effects I expected have occurred. Not even after the doctor doubled my dose to 100 mg. I am Cool-As-a-Cucumber around the clock, but not lethargic or lazy. I convey my thoughts in a measured and logical fashion, yet my personality isn't dulled. I stop sweating & trembling when around people, I don't fear everything. I sleep well and don't feel so depressed & hopeless when I wake up. And all that crazy paranoia seems to be gone now. Best of all I don't feel like a drugged-up zombie, nor is my vision blurred or my mouth dry - none of the side effects one would normally expect from an anti-psychotic drug. I wish I'd been introduced to Seroquel XR sooner. It doesn't give the same harsh side effects that regular (immediate release) Seroquel does.

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