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Comment from: kimiata9075 or overon Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: March 27

My 87 year old father is currently taking 25/100, 5 times/day (every 3 hrs) and has pretty much stopped having those times when his feet just won't move. Although he is still quite weak, he often doesn't even bother to use his cane now. We have noticed that his success on a daily basis directly corresponds with whether he has eaten at the wrong times. Since this drug doesn't work well if there is food in your stomach, we try to give it to him about 1 hour before and at least 2 hours after his meals - pill 8am/breakfast 9am, pill 11am/lunch 12pm, pill 2pm/applesauce snack 3pm, pill 5pm/dinner 6pm, Final pill at 8pm. As you can see, this schedule can be hard to maintain. My elderly mother sometimes gives it to him right before or after his meal by mistake and the medicine definitely doesn't work well when this happens. Dairy and protein particularly have a negative effect. But when he's on schedule, the medicine works and also seems to help him mentally, and he has had no side effects at all that we have seen. Doctors need to tell patients and caregivers how important it is to watch what food is being eaten while taking this medicine because it can be the difference between success and failure.


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