Comment from: Vlad65-71on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: September 18

Three wallnuts thee times a day after each main meal. It is natural 100%, in a shall form (I break them myself).Do not take too much since your cystolic blood pressure will go up. In that case, reduce the amount to 2 x 2 daily! Generally,I feel better! If I may also add, when we are on the subject of lipids: Additionally, I add two teaspoonfulls of virgin oil on tomato salad AND 2 X 1-2 CLOVES OF GARLIC, FOR LUNCH AND SUPPER, Combining these natural substences with LIPANOR, I GOT THE FOLLOWING RESULTS WITHIN ONE MONTH: Cholesterol, total: 4.92 from 6.23 HDL Cholesterol, 1.22 from 1.15 LDL Cholesterol; 3.09 from 4.16 triglycerides; 1.34 from 2.03 No bad at all!

Comment from: BarbaraF65-71on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: December 28

Initially I started eating walnut halves and pieces to help lower my blood glucose. However they were quite ineffective and in fact my blood glucose increased requiring increased doseage of my diabetic medication. I was never a fan of eating walnuts but for some reason now I crave and am quite addicted to them. I snack on excessive daily amounts (3-4 cups) which probably isnt too healthy but the unexpected benefit of regular easy bowel movements is a relief and I no longer suffer from constipation. Since starting to snack on walnuts 3 months ago Ive also gained 2 lbs which was much needed and have cut back on smoking cigarettes. Conceivably snacking is replacing the urge to smoke. I buy 70 grm bags of walnuts from a dollar store. I hope this review is helpful.


Medical Editor: John P. Cunha, DO, FACOEP

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