Comment from: fisherman145-54on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: December 15

I am a 190 lb male. I have been taking pain medication for over 20 years and have tried many. While I am currently using Oxycottin, Talacen was the very best. It enabled me to function and work the same as I did prior to my auto accident. I took it 3 times a day for about 3 years. In addition to eliminating pain, it also gave me a feeling of well being. I could concentrate better. No side effects with me whatsoever. However, after 3 years it's effectivness dimished. It also was a fraction of the cost of Oxycottin. I have never used a more effective pain killer. One person on this site said it's no longer made. I asked my local Wallmart and they said no problem with getting it. Try the generic name because this has been on the market a long time and may have lost it's patent. If you suffer with Occasional BREAKTHREW pain...that is the worst.....This is break down and cry pain... ask you doctor for 1 or 2mg of Valium and normal dose of Talacen. I have never found anything more effective! People who have this kind of pain understand what I am talking about.

Comment from: 35-44on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: October 02

I took this medicine for 2 days. It was good for the pain but it made me irritated, moody, depressed, and very angry. i actually felt like I had to hit something or someone. Thankfully I was able to contain the feelings until the Talacen got out of my system. I changed pain medication the very next day before I hurt someone.

Comment from: 25-34on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: October 22

I used this after my hysterectomy. It took 30-45 minutes to kick in for pain. After it kicked in, it was wonderful. It gave me the relief to move around comfortably to my limitations without exceeding them.

Comment from: washawtaw55-64on Treatment for 5-10 years Published: May 20

I took talacen for several years and then my doctor told me it was no longer available. My doctor switched me to another pain medication but it is not as effective. I want to switch back to talacen. Is there any one manufacturing TALACEN? If so who???? It really worked for me.

Comment from: KittieMom35-44on Treatment for 10+ years Published: August 17

I was in a car accident wich destroyed my jaw and gave me permanent never-ending headaches. I spent YEARS and flucked out of several prominent pain clinics before my doctor stumbled on this. It has been a MIRACLE!!! I went from almost flunking out of school from pain to a 4.0 and now have my doctorate. My pain is almost non-existent most days (only arthritic days... different reasons). I have been on it 13 YEARS now on the same dose (4 times per day with some fleixibility if I have a lot of pain). This is the original dose... 13 years later!!! It is amazing. The last couple of years I did start to have issue getting it- it was on "back order" including the generic, seemed to be made by the brand manufacturer. Now Watson makes a generic that works just as well and have no problems getting it. I did start to fret as I had trouble a couple of months last year FINDING it (CVS will not order from another store to provide adequate quantity). I go through Walgreens with no problems (my regular pharmacy does not use Watson for generics so it would cost me another $50/mo so I use Walgreens). I have no additction issues (it is closely monitored) nor do I feel a "high." For me, it has been a miracle and nothing different than taking my diabetes medication. My prescribing doctor now tries other patients on it as well. It is an over-looked, under-utilized pain medication that works so effectively and enables me to lead a normal life again. It has also been safe for pregnancy and breast-feeding for you women out there (again, thoroghly discussed/researched with doctor before conception ever took place).

Comment from: kingtony5435-44on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: August 21

Sever pain in neck, down left arm. Thought carpel tunnel but pinched nerve in C6 C7. Took for almost 1 year no problems no pain. Dr. told me one day I will take it & it won't work then time 4 surgery. He was right. took it one morning nothing took more still nothing more & still nothing. Surgery 2 weeks later. Fine now.

Comment from: catlover55-64on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: December 16

After taking this med in a very short time i am able to tolerate the pain from my arthritis in my knee and all over pain in my body

Comment from: susan35-44on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: July 22

I take 25mg. bid prn for back pain. I have hallucinations the next day and a headache. Does not relieve the pain as expected it would. I do get a "high" from it and could not be expected to drive etc. I will continue to take but i would like to know what usual dose for others for pain is?! Can anyone tell me?

Comment from: 45-54on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: April 17

Comment from: IllinoisResident35-44on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: March 16

I would occasionally use this medication for back pain and menstral cramps. It was very effective and I had no issues; then one day I took my prescribed dose and was so nauseated that I had to go to bed. I tried using it a few times after that and I had the same side effect. I no longer take the medication ... it was not worth the nausea and dizziness that came out of nowhere!

Comment from: 35-44on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: March 10

Don't waste your time on this med.It don't even touch the pain,the two times I took it had nasty headaches, nausea,extreame sweating ,tremmors and had to be in the bed until it wore off i thought I was going to die. I don't know what the DR.was thinking when he/she perscribed this one,it was a waste of my time and money.

Comment from: 25-34on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: March 07

My OB prescribed Talacen to me after I had my c-section with my twins. I had never even heard of this medication before then. It worked well, but made me dizzy and drowzy, and I noticed it also affected my breastfed babies. I took it for 2-3 days and stopped. It did help me get up on my feet and able to move around after my surgery, but I didnt like the dizziness I felt with it. Good medication, overall, in my opinion.

Comment from: 65-71on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: November 09

Comment from: 55-64on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: May 05

Comment from: praxix45-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: October 10

I was in a near fatal auto accident about 3 years ago. I have several painful conditions from the wreck including spinal injuries, migraine headaches, numbness in my left arm, etc. Additionally, I have Fibromyalgia and arthritis and both hands and knees. I started pain management soon after the wreck and was prescribed useless Lortba (mostly hyped up Tylenol which should be abnned due to liver problems it causes), then to Opana ER 30mg three X a day which worked great until about a year ago when the company reformulated it and it didn't work well at all. Next came Nyucenta (new and useless for severe chronic pain). It made me vomit and feel awful. Next was Kadian which was okay, but also made me nauseated. As many PM doctors are, when I explained certain changes weren't working well for me, I suppose I was labeled too "complex." Recently, I started the Talacen at 3X day (there is only one strength-25mg/650mg tylenol and it is totally useless in controlling my severe pain. I was offered OxyContin, but declined due to the "nature of the beast" in that most abused of all pain medications. Why so much Tylenol?? Has anyone really had sucess with Talacen? I have only been on it 3 days. Does it get better? God Bless everyone with true pain issues. Those out there who abuse, divert, sell for profit are sure making it tough here in Florida to get the help we need with so many new laws that, in my opinion, the State of Florida has NO business getting involved in doctor/patient decisions. If you happen to read this and are a pain medication dealer or abuser, stay outta Florida!!

Comment from: 45-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: September 23


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