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Comment from: Survivor 55-64 Female 10 years or more Patient Published: September 04

I had a severe case of Guilliam-Barre Syndrome 27 years ago. I was in the hospital 2 1/2 months and on life support for 19 days. Several different pain medications were tried but nothing worked till Talwin. I recovered completely except for 24/7 neuropathy pain. Talwin takes the edge off the pain. It does not eliminate it completely but does make it tolerable. Doctors have tried other medications as they come on the market that don't work or have such severe side effects that it's not worth it. My dosage I take are 2 in the a.m. in order to exercise and 2 before bedtime so the pain doesn't keep me awake. Rarely during the day I may have to take 1 if the pain is unbearable. I dread the day they stop making it. Except for excessive sweating and constipation I have none of the side effects reported by other users.

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Comment from: flowerchild 55-64 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: June 24

recently had 2 surgeries for BC , and as hydrocodone makes me feel ill , my doc recommended Talwin or Pentazocin . I was sad that my former favorite pain drug Darvocet is apparently no longer on the market. it works quite well for the pain & I don't feel out of it or tired. I have the generic form & the pill is really bitter if I don't swallow with the first swig of water.

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Comment from: 45-54 Female 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: February 17

I did not become dependent on this medication even though I am a high risk patient. I can stop taking Talwin NX and not experience any withdrawel symptoms. It truely helps me without making me "high".

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Comment from: Momofthree3 25-34 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: August 19

I was given this medication for pain in my back. I went home, and took the medication an hour before bedtime. As soon as it hit me, I had nausea, and my heart rate became elevated. I was on tramadol about two weeks before this medication. The tramadol was mild compared this drug, but effective for my pain. I ended up at the ER with a heart rate of 160, and the doctor accused me of having opiate withdrawal, even though I was not on any other opiates for weeks before this and I had no addictions to opiates. I requested non-narcatic drugs, which is why my doctor gave me the tramadol in the first place. I also started having hallucinations after the doctor gave me ativan on top of this drug to slow my heart rate. I was diagnosed with Supraventricular tachycardia years ago, and I've had a fast heart rate with other drugs like benadryl. I don't recommend this medication if you have heart problems(I also have a mitral valve prolapse).

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Comment from: pegscats 45-54 Female 10 years or more Patient Published: July 06

I've been taking this for about 15 years as I have issues with eating when it food reaches a certain point of my colon I just double over. without it I would not eat healthy. I can do my daily work and live life normal. I have gone from half a pill when I eat to 1.5 at this time but it is better than feeling stoned for hours on other medications.

Comment from: calvinswoman 45-54 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: June 04

This medicine really helps the pain,it doesn't matter what kind of pain you have.I can even take it at night,it doesn't keep me up like other medicines do such as Lortab and Norco(both are hydrocodone).I asked my doctor if I could try it,he told me absolutely not to take it with Lortab because it has the same ingredients.

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Comment from: Root Female 10 years or more Patient Published: December 03

I have been taking this medication since 1993. I started out taking a half pill. Now I have to take 1 1/2 to get relief. It's a great long-term medication if you want something that u don't build up a tolerance to very fast. I HIGHLY recommend this medication for anyone that cant afford to b a zombie while taking pain medication! :-)

Comment from: faye 75 or over Female less than 1 month Patient Published: June 27

pain from complete knee replacement

Comment from: Elizabeth 55-64 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: April 25

This medication has never worked. I couldn't tell I had taken anything for pain. I have been on it for a week and a half and I can barely move. It does nothing for my pain. I will be calling my doctor tomorrow to change. I just don't understand why it doesn't work on me.

Comment from: ittybitty 55-64 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: March 06

medication works wonders, however not real long lasting.

Comment from: 45-54 Female 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: October 04

I take the generic form (PENTAZOCINE-NALOXONE TABLET)I have Fibromyalgia that painful little disease that many doctors do not recognize. I moved to GA around 3 yrs ago. I saw many of those types of doctors. Luckily my last Pain Management Physician was able to refer me to a Doctor in a nearby town. I travel 132 miles round trip to him monthly. At the point of seeing him I was in real bad pain. I discussed with him, of being ready for a narcotic or something stronger . But I don't want the possibility of becoming addict. I grew up with an alcoholic parent. At the end of our consultation he prescribed Talwin NX generic. He said that my history was one that I could be prone to addiction. He also said that I would build up an addiction to this medication because it will be taken for a long period. A body addition not a mental craving. This medication has helped me I take a steady 1 to 2 every 4 hours. It is more rare now to take 2. I know it is masking the pain and it does not mess with my head. I can get into major pain at times. It passes, I think easier because I have a steady level in my system. Super happy that I am not taking a Hydrocodone type drugs after a couple days I would feel very sick. The worse thing about taken PENTAZOCINE-NALOXONE TABLET is that the taste is horrible. I start gagging if it touches my tongue. I have a certain drinking bottle. I put the pill on my lips then push the bottle water to send the pill straight back to my throat. Bad Bad Bad tasting pill.

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Comment from: Nita Justice 55-64 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: September 29

I was on this for 2 weeks. At first did not associate what was happening. Was having heavy, heavy sweats that started abt 5-6 days after first taking it. I thought it was just hot flashes again (age 64). Then a rash started and has gotten worse and worse. Also a pain in lower left abdomen (not sure if this is related). Tongue is swollen. Stopped medication immediately upon making connection. Evidently it is good for some, but be aware what is going on in your body; if anything different starts happening, be aware it could be this medication.

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Comment from: sideswiped EDS-er 55-64 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: September 14

I had a severe reaction to generic Talwin NX with each of my first two doses and was taken to ER. It probably interacted severely with my other meds, including Prozac, Ambien, and Xanax. Speech became difficult with immobility, numbness, tingling of whole body lasting several hours at a time, then muscle spasms, light sensitivity,agitation, confusion,crying and runny nose, and constipation. My husband should have called 911 during my initial reaction, but failed to recognize how serious it was. I could barely move or speak and felt paralyzed. It was very scary. I was conscious, with racing thoughts, but felt like I was under anesthesia and high on something. If you are on several medications, including Xanax, Tramadol, or blood pressure, I don't recommend Talwin NX. The ER doctor gave me a scrip for Tylenol 3 (with codeine). I still have questions with no answers. I don't take aspirin because of stomach issues. I have a rare collagen (connective tissue) disorder, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, with pain and osteoarthritis. Caregivers, please call the doctor or 911 right away if you find your loved one unable to move or speak, or any other unusual side effects. By the time I was taken by ambulance, I was probably in withdrawal!

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Comment from: 65-74 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: August 11

I have a lot of back pain- lumbar/mid back region- and right stomach pain...Talwin just knocks the side off the pain

Comment from: buff3ttphan 45-54 Female 5 to less than 10 years Patient Published: July 09

only problem was nasuea, but dr prescribed phenegren and that occasional problem went away. Some trouble taking it during day if i had to be active, but i rarely am, and have taken vicodin, percocet,etc if i have to be driving or operating machinery. none of these make me sleepy but the codeine in them seem to make me itch a bit, so i take one half of one of my xanax with those to releive the itching. I do very well on this combo...i also have fibrobyalgia pain in addition to the pain from the auto accident so i am in quite a lot of pain, including migraines and insomnia. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, very low vitamin d level, a very small liver elevation which i'm working on by staying away from acetemenophen other than what is in Vicodin. I need something or a combo of things to alternate because the pain comes back if i take the same thing every day, and the insomnia does the same. Is it safe to alternate meds to not only help the way they seem to help me, or take the same thing every day and chance of ending up addicted.

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Medically speaking, the term "myalgia" refers to what type of pain? See Answer
Comment from: sunmoo69 35-44 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: May 23

I am a 42 yr old female who has been taking pain meds (was on Darvocet :))for about 5yrs.I have tried about 6 different pain meds since Darvocet was pulled from the market.My most recent one is Talwin NX.I also take flexeril and I am on mental health meds like Ativan.All of these have a sedative affect.I took 1 Talwin and 2 Flexerils and had to go lay down.In the past I have taken my pain med with 1 Flexiril and 1 Ativan and have had a very mild sedative affect, but I am very nervous about doing that with this med. Is anyone on any of these meds and are familiar with the effects they have?I stopped taking it because it made me nervous that it might be too strong.My previous med was Ascomp COD 30mg and I could take that safely with the flexiril and ativan with no side effects.I am just wondering also,will the side effects pass the longer I am on the medication? If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

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Comment from: 2Risky 45-54 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: March 13

This medication is the most effective I've been given for severe & chronic back pain. However, within a short period of time (less than 1 month) taking it as prescribed, it became ineffective and the dose was slightly increased. You don't HAVE to have an addiction history but severe pain that makes you think 1/2 an extra dose will make it work to relieve the pain and you will develop a dependence. I rated ease of use and overall satisfaction the lowest because of the rapid rate of speed this pain medication builds up in the body/becomes ineffective. Other pain medications either don't do that or can be switched back and forth with no danger to prevent dependence. This one can't. I had to stop taking it within 2 & 1/2 months with no substitute, until it was completely out of my system. It's an awful medication to stop when you have severe pain because it DOES work then stops so when you stop the medication (slowly) the pain it was treating feels worse than before using it. I think this drug is terrible for chronic pain patients and should be banned from treatment for chronic pain and only prescribed for very short periods of time, in patients with long term pain until they can remove that the drug builds up in the body and so fast. Use with serious caution if your pain is daily and ongoing even if you have no history of drug addiction. NAIDS work better on chronic pain.

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Medical Editor: John P. Cunha, DO, FACOEP

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