Comment from: MaryMom 75 or over Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: October 06

paroximal afib under control with atenolol for 12 years. I used an inhaler for coughing, with a Rx from pulmonologist. Went into severe afib, 170 pulse and taken to hospital by ambulance. Doctor put me on flecainide, 50 mg twice daily. After a few weeks I realized that I was having severe urinary retention and breathlessness. So far waiting to hear from my doctor that I can quit it, but my brother-in-law, a pharamcist told me to stop it if I am not having palpitations. Just staying on atenolol. I think this is a dangerous drug. and I too read Dr. Moore's book, after suffering for a few weeks.

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Comment from: Blues 55-64 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: September 03

I have had AFib since my mid 30s. I started having AFib everyday at 55. I was taking atenolol and needed to go to tambocor and atenolol. I take 50 mg of tambocor twice a day and 25 mg of atenolol. I still have a few AFib episodes a day lasting a few minutes but it is better. I have chest pain and can feel my heart beat. It beats the alternative.

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Comment from: lakegirl 65-74 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: May 31

I've only been on this for two weeks, but the difference was noticeable by the third dose. I was having up to a dozen arrythmias a day. I started out at 150mg/d, 75mg bid. I'm very pleased with my outcome. When I go back to see my EP, I will see if I can go down to 50mg bid. The other positive outcome that I've had with this drug is that my sleep pattern has changed for the better. Prior to starting this drug, I would only sleep between 2-4 hrs/night. With this drug, I'm sleeping 6-8 hr/night without a problem. That's a huge benefit for me. I do notice being more tired during the day for which reason, I'd like to decrease my dose. One negative effect for me has been a dramatic slowing of my GI motility. Prior to starting this drug, I was a once a day person. Now, it's once every 4-5 days, which is not terribly comfortable. If that's the way it's going to be, I'll deal with it because my flutters have improved so much. Started a stool softener yesterday.

Comment from: Crystal 35-44 Female less than 1 month Patient Published: July 11

I 60% of my heart beats be PVC's. After a cardiac ablation my cardiologist put me on this medication because some of the "misfiring circuits" PVC's could not be cauterized. This medication has completely eliminated any feeling of flutter, shortness of breath, nauseous feelings and chest pain. I feel great! Slight headaches once in a while and my blood pressure has gone up slightly, hopefully it will come back down after I am off this medication. It makes me a little more tired in the evening or when I stop being active, but over-all. I am greatful for this medication. I have been on 50mg twice a day for 3 weeks. The plan is to be off it at 8 weeks.

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Comment from: phillamarr 55-64 Male 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: October 05

The multiple negative side-effects of this drug and the availability of much better and safer drugs make this a very poor choice. My experience with this drug included round lesions in my intestine and on my back. I was told it was a form of lupus. What they didn't want to tell me was that it was being caused by the tambocor. It was later that a physician finally told me that more than likely I was having a reaction to one or more of my medications. After I was off the drug for a few years, ,only a few of the side-effects remain, such as IRREVERSIBLE FIBRILLATION. Thanks, tambocor manufacturer!

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Comment from: 75 or over Female 6 months to less than 1 year Patient Published: September 10

At first I was prescribed only one 50mg tablet, twice a day. This was not effective, so it was increased to two 50mg tablets a day and this has been very effective for me. No episodes in over two weeks now.

Comment from: 35-44 Female 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: July 24

I took this medication for 3 years for premature ventricle contractions in my heart (heart flutters). After about one year, I noticed a tremor in my right hand and did not at first relate it to this medication, thought maybe I was having nerve problems. Then after another year, my tremor became unbearable and I went to a neurologist for nerve testing. My nerves were fine so I started to affiliate the tremor with this medication which was absolutely correct. This medication caused a very severe tremor in my right hand and up my right arm. The tremor started in my left hand also. After two weeks time of not taking this medication, the tremor was gone.

Comment from: 65-74 Female 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: May 29

If this is a survey on flecaidide the drug was poison to my system. Going to London to get the Tambacore the brand.

Comment from: Counting my blessing. 65-74 Female 10 years or more Patient Published: March 09

I suffered with AtrilFib most of my adult life.At age 46 I was finally diagnosed and put on 100 Mg Tambocor 2 times a day. Only had one episoid about 3 months out and it was increased to 150MG 2 times daily. Just within the past year and most recently the past 3 months, I have started to have infrequent PVC'S. Currently haveing tests done to determine if my heart is "thickening".This was news to me.If it is "thickening" I will have to get off the Tambocor and have an Ablation. I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place. I don't want to get into "trying out" new meds and I am nerveous about the ablation as I know several people who had this and in several cases it had to be repeated several times and they still have to take medications for this condition. Before I started on Tambocor, I was prectically an invilid.ie:could not walk fast, bend over,sweep or exercise without going into terrible evisodes of AFib.This gave me a NEW lease on life until just recently. I will pray that God will give me the answers I want to determine my decision about the new procedures being offered to me.I am 70+ years old and have been told that it is my age that is making the difference now.If you gota go...better instantly than anything else I can think of!!! God Bless you all that are using this medication...just enjoy life today and don't worry about tomorrow as God stated that tomorrow has its own worries.

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Comment from: Linbobs 55-64 Female 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: February 13

Happily the treatment is working, side effect are the Troublesome , anxiety, hair loss, occasional shortness of breath.

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Comment from: Gina McKinney 45-54 Female 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: September 06

Overall it is effective. I am starting to have hand tremors & anxiety. Probable side effects.

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Comment from: 65-74 Female 1 to 6 months Caregiver Published: August 02

I feel very anxious and shaky.

Comment from: Sam 35-44 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: March 30

Took it for several months with no positive effect so was taken off and ablation was attempted but unsuccessful. Had several VTach episodes of 8 ectopics in a row for 15 mins. Was hospitalized and put back on Tambocor. Started on 50mg twice daily. Still had 9.5% of beats being ectopic. Increased dose to 200mg a day and after a full month on increased dose have had 3 decent days with minimal PVCs. Am also taking verapamil 240mg daily.

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Comment from: keith Male 10 years or more Patient Published: March 05

26 years ive been on, longest person in world to take it Ive been told. Never had any problems few slight side affect dizziness, fatique no long term major issues to this point . Went from 400 mg after 23 years to 200 to 100 to 50 to nothing in the last year and as of last 5 days nothing and my issue seems to be gone so I think God has cured me of whatever it was but for 26 years nobody would try reducing it they said it works leave it alone . All though i know the side affects of having a heart attach seem to be a bad deal possibly. especially at 400 mg which i was one thats a heavy dose.

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Comment from: 55-64 Female 2 to less than 5 years Patient Published: December 21

This medicine has been ok for me I do get tired taking it but all in all no problems


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