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Comment from: Bill B 65-71on Treatment for 10+ years Published: September 02

Tofranil saved my LIFE! I had Anxiety,Depression and Extreme Panic since I was 20 and I finally got to the right Dr. when I was 41. She tried me on all the new drugs and none worked for me. Then she gave me Tofranil and after a few weeks I was able to sit still and talk to people. I would not eat many foods and did not why but once I got the Right medicine I changed my whole life, I wanted to eat everything that I would not eat when I was sick! Pizza, Hamburgers, Hot dogs! When I was sick all I would eat was baked chicken and veg's . If anyone has any of the problems I listed Please ask your Dr. to give Tofranil a try!!!

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Comment from: 45-54on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: December 27

I am 49. I was put on this medication for my bladder interstitial systas, which helped very well. And to my amazement I have aniexty disorder an depression an it was like wonder drug for me..My mood an energyvwas I've felt in years!!

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Comment from: SantaFeJack65-71on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: April 24

The first time I tried Tofrani the grogginess the following day caused me to stop. However, a year later my anxiety was out of control and I was desperate. I'm so glad I tried again. Within days, rather than weeks, I felt relaxed for the first time years! I strongly suspect I will take this for the rest of my life, and I have no problem with that. For anyone who deals with chronic anxiety, but does not want to or cannot take the -azepam meds like Valium, Ativan or even Xanax, this tried and true anti-anxiety, antidepressant is worth a try. I've suffered with chronic anxiety my whole life, I wish I had discovered Tofranil years ag. But it really is a case of "better late than never".

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