Comment from: [email protected] Treatment for 1-6 months Published: October 15

Was prescribed to my eighty year old grandmother. This is mainly her docs fault. But she has since had major sleeping spells where she is unresponsive, went to hospital for it, fell and hurt herself, nursing home, and now is back home and has fell again and requires full care. I started digging trying to find cause and this med had just been prescribed. In her spells when she wouldn't wake* she also could not speak* and when did, it came out slurred*. Her walking* became a problem. Before being prescribed to this she was fully independent. I just wanted to review so that maybe if another elderly is taking this maybe it will warn them if they begin seeing these symptoms. It may also prevent an elderly from continuing this prescription after seeing the first symptoms and taking the same road grandma has. Hope it saves someone. (not a negetive review it did help her nerves as im sure it does many people. just be weary with giving to elderly)

Comment from: Tina55-64on Treatment for 5-10 years Published: May 11

I take 3.75 mg twice daily but it has not done much for my anxiety. It takes too long to act. Xanax worked much better for my anxiety and especially my panic attacks. I took Xanax for about 18 years

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