Comment from: tybalt 25-34 Female 1 to less than 2 years Caregiver Published: February 28

The packaging for Trusopt is ridiculous. Firstly, the inside of the container is hollowed out to make it appear that you have more medication left than you actually do, causing one to run out of medication unexpectedly. Secondly, the tube is awkward to get drops out of, especially when the amount left gets low. I always end up with quite a bit at the bottom of the tube that i can't for the life of me squeeze out. All that comes out is a lot of bubbles and the random drop, and it is hard to hold one's eye open for a long time while you squeeze and squeeze the silly tube!

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Comment from: deangeorge 65-74 Male 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: June 05

Eyesight failing rapidly. Lots of tearing. Can watch tv or pc for no more than 30 minutes. Can no longer read newspaper print. Wearing an eye patch for comfort.

Comment from: ADONNER 55-64 Male less than 1 month Patient Published: July 09

I am taking trusopt for macula swelling. I have been experienceing considerable GI distress and eyelid scaling. I am taking baking soda and TUMS regularly to offset the GI distress and they are helpful. I took the Diamox pill version and the GI distress was overwhelming after 5 days and I stopped the medication on the 6th day. I weas advised to take the baking soda and TUMS to counter the Diamox effects and within a few days my GI recovered. The Diamox did improve the swelling slightly over the very brief treatment duration. Had I known about the Baking Soda and TUMS sooner I might have been able to endure the Diamox for a longer treatment period with even better results. I switched to the Trusopt because I was told that there likely would be less systemix effects as with the Diamox pill. I disagree. I have the same bad taste in my mouth and GI distress including very painfull trapped gas (although the baking soda and TUMS have significantly reduced that symptom.) The trusopt drops in both eyes burn for several seconds and blur my vision for several minutes. In about two weeks I will have an eye scan to determine its effectiveness. If not effective I may have to switch back to the Diamox pills.

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Comment from: Omaha Female 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: June 01

Trusopt has caused my eyelids to peel or scale up continually.I have redness all around the entire eyeball socket area that itches extremely.

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Comment from: Female Caregiver Published: September 21

After taking tursopt successfully for several years, I am now beginning to experience sore eyes and pressure in the brow area.


Medical Editor: John P. Cunha, DO, FACOEP

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