Comment from: 35-44on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: May 25

To control the coughing of my pneumonia the doctor prescribed this, but it's having literally no effect. A basic dose of OTC had more effect on me then this. Trash can will be the fate of basically the entire bottle.

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Comment from: houston91165-71 Published: June 26

the generic brand of this medication is expensive 109.00 for a bottle. I was sick I needed it took it when I came home feel a little better was very sick with upper bronchitis so far so good. no complants

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Comment from: asthmagurl19-24on Treatment for 10+ years Published: March 13

was diagnosed with asthma when I was about 2 and almost died of an attack. I have been using tussionex ever since. I truly believe that without this medication I would have been hospitalized several times for attacks. This medicine has honestly been the only thing that controls my asthma and my bad nighttime cough that results from it. Not even round the clock nebulizers and inhalers helps loosen an attack like Tussionex. This medicine is so powerful that I had one bottle last me about 7-8 years since I only needed doses sparingly. My asthma is induced by viral infection and can quickly escalate once I initially get sick. I usually take 5 ml after a day of round the clock nebulizer use (every 4 hours with albuterol treatment), 30 minutes before I want to go to sleep because BOY does this stuff knock you out. I always wake up feeling rested with a relaxed chest. Usually taking it two days in a row is enough to help control my asthma and get me back to normal with my regular inhaler. My doctor was reluctant about prescribing this medication for me once I was older (risk of abuse I presume) but it has been so helpful for me when nothing else was- i've even had attacks where Prednisone was not enough to stop an attack, but Tussionex was. I really recommend if you or your child has bad nighttime asthma resulting from episodic attacks.

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Comment from: Carrie45-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: February 23

This is the ONLY narcotic cough syrup I can take that doesn't make me throw up. I don't know why it doesn't make me sick, but I don't ask questions. More than that, it WORKS. I get severe bronchitis usually twice a year. Without it, I am up all night coughing uncontrollably. With it, I sleep like a baby all night. My doctor said it actually shuts off the cough reflex. I only take it at night because it does make you drowsy, and you probably SHOULD be coughing a certain amount during the day to get all that gunk out of your lungs. I will go to the ends of the earth to get this when I have bronchitis. And EVERY cold I get turns into bronchitis. Being a teacher, that happens a lot. :/

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Comment from: Big Dog65-71on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: May 08

I had pneumonia and was waking up several times a night with coughing. This stuff works. I slept all night. It does make you feel a little out of it for part of the next day, however.

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Comment from: TM35-44on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: November 21

I have bronchitis it's been so bad i can barely breathe. Ive been up all night coughing for over 4 days until the dr at Urgent Care gave me this. Thank the good Lord I finally slept last night and was able to work my call center job today!

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Medical Editor: John P. Cunha, DO, FACOEP

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