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Comment from: Queenant65-71on Treatment for 10+ years Published: May 10

This is the only course that lowered my LDL without also lowering my HDL. I have come to this site because I have severe leg (thigh to toes) pain and severe leg cramps (thigh as well as calf), but I also have fibromyalgia, so cannot determine source of lower extremity problem(s). However, tonic water (not diet) has been VERY helpful in immediate relief from cramping, but no effect on pain. Have had great relief with homeopathic Arnica gel topped with DMSO (to have Arnica absorbed very quickly). ArniCare is brand of OTC Arnica; I get DMSO through Amazon. Would appreciate any method to distinguish which pains are due to fibromyalgia from those caused by Vytorin (but would not likely DC the Vytorin--just "curious"). Began Vytorin about 15 years ago; started arnica about 2 years ago.

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