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Comment from: live4god4845-54on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: February 02

I took this drug for my bipolar in the year 2005 then they pulled it from me and it seemed to be the one medicine out of all the others I had tried that actually really did help me and do the job it was to do. My moods were very stable then medicaid would not pay for them and I could not afford any longer so here I go again riding the bipolar rollercoaster. Really not fair when they find a drug that actually helps then for one reason or another they take it away. Please send this to the FDA so it may just be possible for Medicaid to give me back Zonegran the one drug that helped me tremendously. Thank you Janice Von Tersch 3309 4th street Lewiston, Idaho 83501 208-746-4382 home 208-503-9580 cell

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Comment from: deeon Treatment for 1-6 months Published: January 12

Started 25 mg for a week and was to increase by 25 weekly thereafter until I reached 100 mg. I became angry, sad, jittery. We just got a cat 6 weeks ago that I just loved and for the past 3 weeks of being on it don't care about the cat, can't concentrate on work, can't sleep and my eyes hurt all the time. Very similar reaction I got to topramax. However, I lost weight. I still had terrible pressure in my head, especially if I cough or sneeze and if I bend over I get very dizzy and in some cases cannot get up on my own. My doctor is weaning me off of this drug.

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