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Snakebites: Types, Treatment, and Prevention

Fear of snakes is called herpetophobia.
Snakes don't usually have any reason to harm people.
Recommended treatments for snakebites have changed a lot in recent years.
Scientists have determined these snakebite treatments don't work.
Antivenom is the only proven method of effectively treating a venomous snakebite.
Far and away the most common venomous snake to bite humans in the United States is one that belongs to the pit viper family.
Pit vipers may not look much different from any other snake to the untrained eye.
Fang marks are an unmistakable sign of any snakebite.
Snake venom comes in different types, and even snakes of the same family sometimes vary in venom potency.
If you live outside the desert in the United States, you may think you are safe from rattlesnakes. Think again.
Cottonmouths, water moccasins, trapjaws, swamp adders, call them what you will, but each name describes the same slow-moving, venomous snake.
Copperheads can be found on dry, rocky hillsides in mountainous regions.
The coral snake has several look-alikes, including the harmless and common king snake.
When a person has not received antivenom, a coral snakes toxin eventually begins to show itself by causing disruptions between the chemical back and forth conversations from the muscles to the brain.
If you spend your time at sea, or near the shore, it's possible you could run into a yellow-bellied sea snake, the snake with the world's widest habitat range.
A venomous snakebite is hard on anyone, but because of their small size, children are especially vulnerable.
Even if your odds of death are fairly low, nobody wants to go through the agony of a venomous snakebite.

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Snakebites: Types, Treatment, and Prevention

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