The Seven Warning Signs of Cancer

Reviewed on 8/13/2020
Knowing the early symptoms of cancer helps for diagnosis and treatment
Knowing the early symptoms of cancer helps for diagnosis and treatment

The seven common warning signs of cancer include:

What are the most common cancers?

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. The most common cancers include:

How cancer is usually treated?

The most common treatments for cancer include:

Surgery: It is usually used to remove the cancerous cells from the body. The surgeon might also remove some or all of the body part that is affected by cancer. For breast cancer, part (or all) of the breast might be removed. For prostate cancer, the prostate gland might be taken out. Surgery is not used for all types of cancers. For example, blood cancers like leukemia are best treated with drugs.

Chemotherapy: These are drugs to kill fast-growing cells or slow their growth. These drugs can be given through IV (into a vein through a needle) or as an oral pill. Chemo drugs travel to all parts of the body through the blood and are especially useful for aggressive cancers.

Radiation: This method is also used to kill or slow the growth of cancer cells. It can be used alone or with surgery or chemotherapy. Sometimes, it’s given by placing a “seed” inside the cancer which gives off radiation and blasts the cancerous cells. 


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7 Warning Signs of Cancer: (

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