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Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

What are the risk factors for upper respiratory infection?

Some common risk factors for upper respiratory infection are:

  • physical or close contact with someone with a upper respiratory infection;
  • poor hand washing after contact with an individual with upper respiratory infection;
  • close contact with children in a group setting, schools or daycare centers;
  • contact with groups of individuals in a closed setting, such as, traveling, tours, cruises;
  • smoking or second-hand smoking (may impair mucosal resistance and destroy the cilia);
  • health care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes;
  • immunocompromised state (compromised immune system) such as, HIV, organ transplant, congenital immune defects, long term steroid use; and
  • anatomical abnormalities as in facial trauma, upper airway trauma, nasal polyps.
Reviewed on 9/21/2017
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