What Are the Types of Encephalopathy?

Reviewed on 10/1/2020
There are various types of encephalopathies.
There are various types of encephalopathies.

There are various types of encephalopathy, and they have different causes:

What is encephalopathy?

Encephalopathy is defined as a disease or group of diseases in which the functioning of the brain is affected. There are various types of encephalopathies. They have different causes – either permanent or temporary. Some types may be present at birth, whereas others may be acquired.

What are the signs and symptoms of encephalopathy?

The symptoms and severity of the symptoms vary depending on the cause and severity of encephalopathy. Some common signs and symptoms that may occur are as follows:

When to see a doctor?

It is advised to see a doctor right away when any of the symptoms of encephalopathy appear. In the case of ongoing treatment for encephalopathy, the following signs require emergency medical treatment: 

  • Severe disorientation 
  • Severe confusion 
  • Severe lethargy and drowsiness 
  • Coma
  • Worsening of any preexisting signs and symptoms


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What is the prognosis of encephalopathy?

Long-term prognosis depends on the cause and severity of encephalopathy. Many forms of encephalopathy are reversible if diagnosed early and treated appropriately. Some types progressively worse, whereas others may not. All types can have the potential to be fatal if not treated and are severe, whereas some types are always fatal.

Early diagnosis and treatment for the cause of encephalopathy may improve your symptoms or completely cure encephalopathy. Some types of encephalopathy can cause permanent damage to the brain. There are several treatment and rehabilitation plans available for encephalopathy.

Can encephalopathy be prevented?

Some types of encephalopathy that may be genetic cannot be prevented. Most of the other types are preventable.

Following lifestyle changes may help reduce the risk of encephalopathy:

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