What Does Calcium Do for Your Health?

Reviewed on 3/11/2021
Calcium is essential for overall health.
Calcium is essential for overall health.

Calcium is essential for overall health. Almost all cells of the body require calcium for optimal functioning. Some of the areas where the body uses calcium include:

Studies on the effect of calcium on health have shown:

What are the health risks of not taking sufficient calcium?

Not taking sufficient calcium will not produce any symptoms in the short term because the body maintains the calcium level in the blood by taking it from the bone. Over the long period, calcium deficiency can have consequences, such as:

Severe calcium deficiency can attribute to the following signs and symptoms:

Who is at higher risk of developing low calcium level?

Certain populations are at greater risk for low calcium levels, including:

  • Postmenopausal women
  • Lactose intolerant and dairy-avoiding people
  • Anorexic people or those with other eating disorders
  • Vegans
  • People who take certain medicines for osteoporosis (bisphosphonates)
  • People who have parathyroid disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, or liver or kidney disease.
  • People who consume a large amount of protein or sodium, which can cause the body to excrete more calcium
  • People receiving long-term corticosteroid treatment

What are the different types of calcium supplements?

There are several types of calcium compounds used in calcium supplements. Each compound comprises a variable amount of the mineral calcium known as elemental calcium. Some of the most common calcium supplements include:


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